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  1. Hi Etienne,for me your post was a helpful information, you even looked up the right section in the FCOM for me - so just don't mind!!! I have reported that problem to PMDG: in my opinion overriding of the computed throttle setting should only be detected when the hardware throttle is MOVED (and overriding is intended) - like it is described in the Introduction. Right now the NGX - when AT-Mode changes - sets the thrust to any detected DIFFERENT position of the hardware thrust levers. In the old 2004-version of the NGX this item was programmed correctly. Read you... Matthias
  2. Hi, thanks once more for your helpful comments (badderjet, you MUST be a real-world pilot...); going to simulate the servos of my X52 throttle by hand before thrust mode changes from N1 to THR HOLD since i find a more satisfying solution... Matthias
  3. Hi folks, thanks a lot for your quick and detailed answers! The setting "in THR HOLD and ARM only" was chosen but I still don't understand WHY Thrust mode changes from N1 to THR HOLD... Is it because of the different HW throttle setting? Choosing the "Never" option would mean to loose the option of a rejected take off...Will try to get a little bit deeper in system knowledge when time permits! So far Matth
  4. Hi Folks, every time i try to lift my new PMDG 737 NGX in the air both engines return to hardware thrust-lever position after 75% of the take-off run (Autothrust still active!).The cockpit is set up as usual, V2 is set from QRH recommendation in FMC.I´m sure it´s my mistake, but i don´t find out which settings are wrong. Who can give me some information?Looking forward to your help... Happy Landings Matth (IVAO Germany)
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