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  1. So I dont want to waste PMDG time submitting a ticket just incase I am doing something wrong however, I have the HGS installed on all the aircraft variants that I fly however all of sudden there is no green lines this happneded before the SP1 so it cant be that has anyone got any ideas on how to help me as I dont really want to install and re install.ThanksMattP.SDoes the NGX have wing flex because my wings are flexing.
  2. Are you running it in admin mode - Just to make sure?
  3. I think so alot of airlines use KG instead of LBS now.
  4. Just had a though guys could it be the military variants of the 737 eg. Wedgetail etc?But we dont know about that.... Could be something small like a small biz jet that would be cool and different to fly from these big airliners. :)
  5. Dont you just love it when Ryan does this.....Hoping it is going to be one of the airbus series that would be quality!!
  6. Hi all,What do you think is going to roll of the PMDG production line next - they said on that video released last year that the Dash could be next if i remember rightly however, I have a feeling it could be the 777.
  7. Thanks for the reply guys! I will look into the Majestic software - only really interested in the Q400! :(
  8. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else knows - we all know that PMDG are making the Dash for us all - however they only seemed to be making the 200 and the 300 variants and nothing is mentioned about the Q400. Let me know if you know anything else. Cheers
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