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  1. Thanks. From what I've read it should overclock pretty well, and I built in plenty of cooling with that in mind.This thread and the results spreadsheet were a great help in coming up with the components shopping list.I'm going to try to avoid falling into the trap of spending all my time tweaking and tuning instead of flying (been there before with FS9 a few years ago), so I'm going to keep that overclock up my sleeve for the time being, and bring it out when FSX starts to groan under the weight of all the add-ons that are heading its way.Regards,TW Pilot.
  2. Hi Folks.First post here. Have been a long-time lurker but only recently upgraded my PC to an FSX-suitable specification.Brand new build, WIndows 7 64-bit, Z68 mobo, other hardware as shown. New install of FSX SP2 configured as per the protocol.I'm pretty happy with these results. Hope people find them helpful.
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