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  1. John Hinson your second point was spot on. Airport coordinates were wrong in AI Flight planner. The airport sits W01 33 22. I had entered it as E01 etc but I should have entered it as E-01 etc. I have corrected this mistake and AI aircraft now showing up. I made the same mistake on the second airport I created miles away also with a West coordinate down as East. Thank you all guys. Its great to have this wealth of knowledge.
  2. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the tips. I got hold of AFCAD2 and loaded up Croft in it and checked it for errors but none found. Just out of interest I noticed when I saved a change in AFCAD2 it saved it as a .bgl file(I compile to an active scenery folder in FS9) but the change did not show up. should I be doing something else first? I did try and create a simple thg flightplan using the Cessna 172 stock aircraft. I have GA small and medium parking. It doesn't show up at all. So created same flightplan for another airfield I added parking for(original runway was there however), and it shows up and does what it was flightplanned to do. But not at Croft. So I decided to create a fictiscious airfield well away from anything (thinking Croft was too near Teeside). then added the simple flightplan for that airfield but the cessna doesn't show up. Something very odd going on here. I have recreated RAF Golspie, up in Scotland, wasn't in as a stock airport and it worked ok with AI. I am making sure that the AI aircraft I try to use have the correct parking assignment etc also. I shall now delete RAF Croft and re create it slightly further away from Teeside airport. Will let you know how I get on. As has been said there is something wrong somewhere.
  3. Sorry Charliearon. I was on my laptop when I posted and it was doing strange things. I thought I was in the right place. Chris_eve Yes thanks for that. I can choose it from the fs menu so yep your right it is in the data base. Also yes, there is something wrong somewhere. I actually deleted it last night and re-created it from nothing but still no ai showing up. Ade3 has a fault finder tool which I used but it did not throw up any faults. Will use AFCAD2 to check it as well. Thanks for your advice. I don't think I have your scenery but will check also for it. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, just seen your topic. Have you tried MAIW site? They have loads of FS9 freeware war planes. They might just have that Mirage with quite a few textures. Just a thought.
  5. I have created an old RAF base - RAF Croft, which is no longer in existance, just near to Teeside airport, It did not exist in FS9 so I looked up some stuff om the internet and designed it using a bit of artistic licence, I have done this many times and have had no problems, I used ADE 3 to designe the airport including parking and all needed taxying and runway starts and runway taxying etc, did everything as I have done lots of times, I then used AI flight planner version 3.4. . . the most updated, to create some flight plans as I have done thousands of times. I then ran FS9 , went to RAF croft at the right time but no aircraft showed up. Now I know I have evrything in place, airport coms,ILS, all required hold shorts runway starts etc etc. I have done this thousands of times. Can it be that the airport just doesnt exist in the FS9 stock airport data base and if so how can I add it? I'm pulling what little hair I have left out of my head over this, any help is welcome.But please know: I have made this airport correctly as I have said thousands of times. I'm almost too old for this. HELP?
  6. Hi I'm new here but old to flightsimming. I Have recently gone back to Fs2004 to use it for Classic era flying. late 50's and early 60's. Calclassics is a great place to visit for this sort of thing. But so is Avsim if you know wher to look. However I digress, I'm 68 and really want to get on with things as I feel I don't have a long time left to do them. So the problem I have found is this: first I have FS9 on say S drive. I load up Edit voice pack 3.1 then run it but it comes up with the Error "An error occurred loading the Microsoft Voice pack ...etc" Now is part of my problem not having FS9 on C drive programs microsoft games? How can I solve this please? I thankyou all in advance for your help.
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