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  1. Ed, is there an update on this problem? Regards, Oliver
  2. That might well be the reason for my confusion (well, for that particular confusion, anyway... :wink: ). Will have a look at the editor Jim and you recommended. Thanks. On a personal note, Dan: please accept my apologies for my "lashing out", as Kyle put it.
  3. I see now what you're getting at. NOLGO was a badly chosen example on my part. The thing is, that if you file a STAR and get cleared "flight planned route" this clearance includes the STAR as well, unless you hit a clearance limit on your way. It all comes down to "read the charts" :wink:
  4. Actually, since you file the STAR and then get your clearance "as filed" or - and I don't exactly know if it's Germany-specific or not - "flight planned route", you're cleared to fly the STAR all the way to the clearance limit, which is either your destination airport ("cleared to destination Hamburg") or a certain waypoint that is explicitly named in the STAR chart, for instance NOLGO in Hamburg (see here). Of course, more often than not you'd get cleared again for the STAR (talking VATSIM here), just to make sure. Or you get vectored right away or get cleared to fly a transition, which is basically just an overlay to the radar vector pattern. But yes, Michael, it's more likely to fly a transition or get vectored than to fly the STAR. But then again, lots of transitions begin at the clearance limit of the STAR (see here)... Does that make sense? Regards Oliver
  5. Thank you, Dan. What I don't understand, though, is why the scenery obviously has the new IWNN tied to Nörvenich. When I look it up in the maps menu in FSX (is it called that in the English version?), there's no ILS shown... That's something of a mystery to me, for I don't remember ever having used Hervés fix... Edit: Also, how come the pointers for IKEN are driven with 111.10 set, if it's not in the scenery? Again, "maps" in FSX shows 109.70. I'm confused
  6. Getting assigned a SID, luckily, is the norm here. Likewise, you will need your charts for the approach, for in a lot of places - for instance Frankfurt EDDF and Munich EDDM - you'll get transitions to final approach OR simply a direct to a waypoint on a transition, which means you're cleared to fly the whole transition. Nearly impossible without charts. Regards Oliver
  7. In addition to what Kyle said, at least here in Europe I often see an "at or below" restriction in a SID coded as a hard restriction in the NAV data. Changing the type in the LEGS page (e. g. from 280/... to 280B/...) should help you get rid of the error and also help to meet that specific restriction. Check your charts to see what restriction it should be. Regards Oliver
  8. Okay, here we go. I tuned in 111.10 (new freq) into NAV1 and 109.70 (old freq) into NAV 2. Here's a screenshot from farther out, with both sides showing IKEN, NAV1 with DME readout, NAV2 without DME readout: The second one is from closer in, both sides still tuned to the above frequencies, but NAV2 (old freq) having picked up a different signal (IWNN). Notice that I was being vectored on VATSIM. That's why I'm still in LNAV/LVLCHG in the first screenshot. Hope this makes it clearer. Regards, Oliver
  9. Thanks, I'll try to make some screenshots tonight. The "SET FSX LOC CRS" setting is active, btw. I have just deactivated it for test purposes. Will report back.
  10. Kyle, thank you for trying to help. First, the NGX picked up the old frequency 109.70, which is the frequency in the scenery. After I was established on both LOC and G/S it suddenly picked up the ILS of Nörvenich nearby. I took over manually, continued to fly the approach and when there was time, I tuned in the new frequency 111.10 as depicted in the charts, but which is not in the scenery. The NGX had no trouble receiving that frequency. Further testing today showed that in a certain distance from the airport, both frequencies are received, but as soon as you come closer, only 111.10 is received with 109.70 from Nörvenich being received. So it's not a matter of my expecting it to autotune anything, this is solely about which frequency is received. I'm sorry I was not clearer in my first post. Where exactly did I say I expected it to autotune, though? Seriously, guys, you can't make assumptions and then condescend on someone based on that assumption. If in doubt, ask. Thanks. Regards, Oliver
  11. Excuse me? I stated explicitly that it was me who tuned the old frequency. I'm not trying to blame anything on anyone. Perhaps you should read my post one more time, and this time thoroughly instead of insulting me for posing a very legitimate question. Good day.
  12. Gentlemen, not sure if this has been asked before. Does anyone notice any change since SP1d in the way frequencies are received? Specifically, during approach to Cologne-Bonn EDDK runway 32R I lost the ILS signal after becoming established on localizer and glide slope. Turned out I had tuned the old frequency of 109.70 instead of the new one of 111.10, because I was using an old scenery which I had not updated or modified. Seems like the NGX (now?!) uses the AIRAC data to "receive" navaids instead or - more precisely - in addition to the scenery data. That's why it suddenly picked up the ILS signal of nearby Nörvenich airbase, which according to the current AIRAC data uses 109.70 but in the default FSX scenery has no ILS at all. I know that a popular turbo prop addon uses a logic like that, but didn't know the NGX did. Can anyone confirm? Thanks! Regards Oliver
  13. Hehe, I know Just asking... this topic is a tad bit older than 5 minutes Good to know you're still on it! Regards Oliver
  14. Hi all, any news regarding this issue? Thanks Oliver
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