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  1. Good morning - in reference to my post above (and the others with the same issue) - just curious, do you have to go through the same drill to activate the NAV feature on the autopilot, or not? Jim
  2. OK, these guys are speaking my language. I have exactly the same issue re getting the NAV function to work, and I get the same result (it works) when I use MIK75s procedure. I change the PDF to LOC first, then the GTN750, then hit NAV on the AP, then change the PDF back to GPS, then change the GTN750 back to GPS. Whew!! Otherwise, this is a beautiful mod. Thanks guys! JIm
  3. Very strange as I have configured the F406 for the GTN750, but when loaded the GTN screen appears for a second in the panel then goes right back to the GNS530. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks! Jim Parish
  4. Well, to answer part of this myself - I uninstalled the GTN750 and it works - at least VOR1. Any idea how the VOR2 is activated? Jim
  5. Great little plane, but I get no needle indication from the VORs (1 or 2) or the ADF - (I was able to finally tune that thing -thanks to this group). Again, no needle indications but I do get a working DME for both VORs. Running P3Dv3. Jim
  6. Rats - ok, thanks for the update - at least I know. Jim
  7. This is a problem I have also. Want to get rid of those fairings!
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