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  1. did you select your headphones as output in the PMDG sound settings inside the FMC? Maybe will help
  2. Sure there are more bugs to fix but its getting better. Just wait and see/be patient. I did some short flights now and had no issues. My community folder: only one qatar livery for the 320 and the FlyByWire mod. I believe too much mods can bring the FS down. So Just for sightseeing I jump into a Beechcraft or Daher, starting from Airport of my choice no flightplan no special settings. Starting ready for takeoff flying around looking for POI. 📸 If I have enough shutting down the FS inflight. For real simulation I use my P3D with PMDG, FSLabs, Majestic and Maddog....👨‍✈️✈️
  3. About PMDG: As Robert says at PMDG Forum, due to incomplete SDK the release for MSFS will be expected til 2021. Other devs like FSlabs didnt make a statement when their planes will be useable in FS2020. Simply porting from another sim to FS 2020 is not possibly because of different programming. So is my understanding as simple user. Therefore if you want to use planes as realistic as possible FS 2020 is no deal right now. I use it for VR flights because of the great realistic graphics and good immersion. Could even recognize my parents house ! For in deep simulation I use P3D.
  4. Yes I see is it real time or time lapse ? Looks like GPU has problem rendering
  5. Are you logged in to your MS Account ?
  6. Hi ! Bought via MS Store as download, when starting its always ask to insert disk ?? Cannot start the sim. Yesterday I had no problems. Issue solved was not logged in to my MS Account
  7. Hmm maybe I' ll have a look on it and try/buy when the first hype is over...
  8. Hi ! My conclusion to all the writing in this forum is: Well done for VFR flying and bush pilots, new simulator/game with issues so many new games have at first release. Will sure be fixed in the future.🤔 For serious simmers better wait for addons like PMDG, FSLabs or A2A, then buy. I personaly fly big airliners like PMDG and FSLabs. So I will stay at P3D v5. 🤨
  9. No dark side on the moon in P3D
  10. FSLabs are working on an P3D v4 version A 320, for v3 it is out and doing very well
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