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  1. Are you on a wifi connection? If you are would that be a reason for you having a dynamic IP address. I don't know, my knowledge is limited on this. Anyway having checked what your IP address is before you start XP 11 does that get rid of the alert message? I am networked with two computers on ethernet. I can successfully ping each computer. My objective is to run P2ATC on my client computer. My IP address is static but I am still getting this annoying alert message for what reason I do not know. I do not wan't to advance further with my objective until I understand what is causing these alert messages.
  2. I am a newbie to X-Plane 11 and only have about 4 or 5 months experience using it. I'm a bit of an old guy but I still have a lot of patience and want to get to the bottom of these niggling problems. First I have Pilot2ATC successfully installed on the same computer as XP11. By scouring the web I found a download for XPUIPC. The XP11 XPUIPC web page is still not up and running as of date of this post, so this is a problem for many flight simmers in itself. This Plugin is essential to get commuication between the sim and P2ATC working. All the advice given stresses that your IP address needs to be edited into the XPUIPC config file and saved. Then startup your sim and hey presto everything works as it should. Go to your plugins menue and convince yourself XPUIPC is there. OK as I said everything works for me. But! guess what? recently I now have a XPUIPC alert message on start up saying 'Wrong IP address xxx.xxx.x.xx (my IP address not revealed) No NIC with this address found'. (For the uninitiated NIC stands for Network Interface Card). I have searched the forums but always get the same answers as to how to resolve this issue. Which is as per the paragraph above. There might be an issue with Firewall protection. But I am not finding that easy to solve. Any comments would be appreciated.
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