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  1. I still have an PFPX subscription running, but since a few months I have shifted over to SimBrief after getting some weird routings in PFPX. SimBrief does the work for me now, too much realism is too much for my simulator life. I want to simulate the work of an cockpit crew and not work done by the dispatch department .. But great to see that the developers still continue to upgrade the program!
  2. Same for me, and even those I buy them more or less during Sales as prices are on the up there too ..
  3. Oh I love Simbrief. Before I used PFPX but now I only use Simbrief, especially since you can use the 'Simbrief Downloader' to download the flightplans in various formats to various aircraft folders / systems. Within a few minutes I am set to go, with an accurate flightplan, fuel & payload calculation. You download all the files through the Downloader to the flightplan folders of the PMDG/Aerosoft/Other Aircrafts (But also P3D, so you can load the flightplan in P3D for ATC purposes or so). With PMDG & Aerosoft Airbus you just load the aircraft at the airport and then load the flightplan as Company Route.
  4. Great read indeed, many thanks for sharing! You see it more and more over this forum.
  5. Thanks for the headsup on that topic. I do see Umberto's point, however it would still be an great addition to set pushback paths and then save them for usage the next time. It makes the simmer less depending on files provided by others. On this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSwSn5XI2tg) video (From 00:15 till 01:20) it shows quite OK on how it is going here in Europe on the leisure routes. On the more business orientated routes (especially on the LCC / no seat assignment) you see an bit higher pace or even jogging/running towards the first available opened aircraft door (Would be awesome if they could simulate PAX with differen paces, where some might even run to take-over other PAX or so...)
  6. Looks great! I wish and even beg them to upgrade the pushback procedure (my most important part of the Ground Handling process). I am quite impressed by the 'Better Pushback plugin' for xPlane (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H0sucua2Wc). I hope they could implement such pushback thing in P3D somewhere in the future.
  7. Just noticed in the PMDG Operations Center there is now under the PMDG 747-400 QOTS II tab an tab with 'Expansions -> PMDG 747-8' , including some screenshots of the upcoming 747-8! Sorry if this was already mentioned on the forum somewhere, which I then missed!
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