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  1. nonfirm

    GPS Not Working

    ThomasAH when I installed the update for the panel it switched to a dual GPS setup both of which I could not turn on. I then uninstalled the airplane and reinstalled it which put the original configuration back in. So I now have a working GPS but was not sure about the weather radar. I do have Active Sky and I will research on how to make it work with that program. Thanks for the info.
  2. nonfirm

    GPS Not Working

    Hi, I have the GNS 530. That one is turning on just fine. The radar that I have says, Bendix and I can't get it to turn on with the mouse or by clicking on it. I did reinstall the jet and that was no help. Thanks.
  3. nonfirm

    GPS Not Working

    Hello, I have just installed the L-35 and can not get the GPS or the radar to work. I have installed the patch but it does not appear to power up. Any help would be great. Here is a screen shot. Also, I have the same problem in FSXSE and P3D v4. Thanks.