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  1. Thank you everyone for the help in deciding which one to go for i brought prepar3d v5 and fslabs, indeed its an ultimate solution to achieve what i wanted:)
  2. I have checked the v1 simulation channel videos which are 1 or 2 years old ,though personally by the comments and reviews,Now i feel flight factor was superior in terms of cockpit textures and system simulation depth, but toliss developers are always listening to buyers feedback and taking into account getting there game ahead with every update and making airbus feel similarly as close as real one in terms of system depth also regarding sim platform i see in many videos regarding the flight dynamics xplane is way better than prepar3d. what you guys comment regarding system simulation depth in flight factor,toliss or fslabs(if i consider prepar3d).
  3. if you have experience on any of the two between flight factor and toliss you can share with us:)
  4. regarding toliss i read there are lot of bugs and system functioning to be solved by the developer, regarding flight factor yes they have failures to simulate but system depth i have no idea. and yes i am not talking about msfs 2020:) the question is prepar3d or xplane depend on what i buy fslabs or flight factor
  5. Hello Everyone, First of all i would like to tell i have seen every post comparing both products but all those videos and posts are 2-3 years old. since it is being long time these products are being released and developers are constantly updating there product and time has reached both products have reached there matured level.I want to know from everyone before i invest my money in one of the platform whether to buy fslabs or flight factor A320. since i am real world pilot and just want to know which product provides good system depth,FBW,Flight dynamics and most importantly i want to practice failures for my sim check rides which eventually helpful to me. I have also seen the post where in flight factor a320 after engine fail on takeoff not showing blue beta target and giving wrong rudder indication in opposite direction since values are not implemented by developers for it, Just want to know this is resolved or still persist. Thanks:)
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