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  1. It turned out to be a permissions issue for me. I had followed the instructions to launch MSFS 2020, then FSUIP7, and finally Pilot2ATC, but I could not get a green connect light in P2ATC. I normally run P2ATC in administrator mode. I had done the same for FSUIP7, but that created a problem. I removed the admin attribute from FSUIPC7 and then it worked as advertised.
  2. Check the Advanced Speech Options within the Speech Recognition utility. The advanced microphone tab need to be set up to the proper audio input source. I frequently change these when I switch from 2D to 3D and want to change from my headphones to the rift microphone. The same goes for the audio source for the speakers.
  3. I am still running into this problem regularly. If I create a flight plan, fly to the destination and park. I am unable to create and file a new flight plan to return to my original destination. I am unable to get clearance and I receive a message that my aircraft is not at this location. I am certain the file plan includes the proper airport. Excerpt from log: "Taxi to General Aviation Parking via Taxiways Bravo Golf Cessna Four November Sierra;" I then park, create and file new flight plan for the return trip, and request clearance. "Cessna Four November Sierra Request Ready to Copy;" Cessna Four November Sierra It appears your flight plan does not originate at this airport. Please correct and refile your plan. This scenario has happened and numerous airports, in different regions, so I don't think it is a scenery issue. My solution has been to take off and then request clearance while in the air.
  4. Issue Fixed - One thing I did notice is that the push to talk button highlights in P2ATC when pressed but the Sayit button does not highlight in the same manner. After initially having the button mapping issue, I probably started to shortcut the process by expecting the Sayit button indicator to highlight, rather than to file a new flight plan and go through the process. Once I fixed the config file, it was probably working at that point. Thanks!
  5. Dave, I removed and reinstalled. It is now working again. Thanks!
  6. Dave, Thanks for checking. Yes I have the sim focus option unchecked. I will try to reinstall tomorrow
  7. I normally run P2ATC on a second monitor while in VR. The main window will save but the other pop-up windows go back to the primary monitor. It would be nice for the pop-up windows to save their positions.
  8. Thanks for responding Dave. Here is what my AppConfig file currently shows for the SayIt and PTT buttons. The SayIT button is using button "0" for controller 5 (Saitek Yoke) <AppSetting> <Name>SayItJoyNum</Name> <Value>5</Value> <LastChanged>2019-04-13T10:56:14.9020727-04:00</LastChanged> </AppSetting> <AppSetting> <Name>SayItJoyName</Name> <Value>Saitek Pro Flight Yoke</Value> <LastChanged>2019-04-13T10:56:14.9040672-04:00</LastChanged> </AppSetting> <AppSetting> <Name>SayItBtnNum</Name> <Value>0</Value> <LastChanged>2019-04-13T10:56:14.9060628-04:00</LastChanged> </AppSetting> <AppSetting> <Name>SayItJoystickBtnEnabled</Name> <Value>true</Value> <LastChanged>2019-04-13T10:56:14.9070591-04:00</LastChanged> </AppSetting> The PTT button is currently working as intended, and is using button 1 from controller 5 (Saitek Yoke). <AppSetting> <Name>PTTJoyNum</Name> <Value>5</Value> <LastChanged>2019-04-13T10:48:33.9574806-04:00</LastChanged> </AppSetting> <AppSetting> <Name>PTTJoyName</Name> <Value>Saitek Pro Flight Yoke</Value> <LastChanged>2019-04-13T10:48:33.958478-04:00</LastChanged> </AppSetting> <AppSetting> <Name>PTTButton</Name> <Value>1</Value> <LastChanged>2019-04-13T10:48:33.9594756-04:00</LastChanged> </AppSetting> I then tried renaming this file so it would be regenerated. When I started up P2ATC, I remapped the two buttons. The PTT button worked for PTTButton "1", but the SayIT button did not work for SayITButton "0". I then tried mapping the PPTButton to "0" and the PTT button works. No matter what button or controller I map the SayItButton to, I am not getting it to work. Again, I am confused because this used to work for me.
  9. Yes, I am using the Btns page in P2ATC config. I am able to map the PTT key using the same Yoke button successfully, but when I try to map the button to the SayIt key, it is not doing anything. So I know the button mapper is working, it is just now accepting the SayIt command when it is pressed. As I mentioned, this used to work previously. Is there a config file somewhere that might be corrupt?
  10. Previously I had my PTT and SayIt keys mapped to different buttons on my Saitek Yoke. Some time ago, I can't say exactly when, my SayIt button stopped activating P2PTC. I thought it might be something I did to the controller mapping or even a faulty button. After messing around with this more, I am able to remap my PTT key but I find that I am unable to map the SayIt key, even to the previous PTT key. The same process I use to map the PTT key does not appear to be working for the SayIt key, even if I try using a completely different controller. The SayIt joystick button is enable in the config panel, but I am not getting any confirmations that the SayIt button commands are being accepted by P2ATC. As I said before, the PTT button is working fine. I noticed a previous post that mentions access rights. I have verified that I am using the same admin user privileges for P2ATX and XP11. Any ideas what I might be overlooking? Thanks, Takesix
  11. I tried it again today with a fresh reload. It appears some of the scenery for the airport had not loaded yesterday. There are obvious visual differences in the hangars from what I saw yesterday. The flight plan clearance is working now.
  12. I receive the message "flight plan does not originate at this airport" when trying to file an XP11 flight plan from KWAL. I have received taxi instructions at this airport, but I am unable to file a flight plan to depart for the trip back. I am using the latest KWAL version from the scenery gateway.
  13. I noticed that I need to pause XP11 in order to use this feature. That seems to make a world of difference.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. I have been trying to use the feature in a congested area near Washington, DC. It makes sense for the delay due to the STAR/SID calculations.
  15. P2ATC hangs up whenever I try using the direct to feature in the flight plan. The P2ATC interface freezes but the moving map and dialogue continue. Is this a known issue?
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