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  1. I see it in the cabin as well. Using P3D 4.4 also. Aaron
  2. I literally just purchased the aircraft tonight and can confirm both issues above - Beacon light is visible in the VC and sound phasing which occurs if you switch to external view then back to internal. Aaron
  3. Totally makes sense. Missed that step. Lesson learned! I was going to say, I know this was working flawlessly on my previous flights and just didn’t believe it was a bug. User error for sure. 🙂 Aaron
  4. Interesting thread as I’ve just experienced a similar incident. I started my flight from PANC - RKSI with 240,000 Lbs of fuel. I had all main and override pumps turned on. My FMC is set for AUTO TANK/ENG CONFIG upon reaching the tank/eng condition. About 500 miles out from my destination, I hear my stick shaker going off and notice that engines 1 and 4 are not operating. Main 1 and Main 2 tanks each have exactly 200 lbs of fuel in them. My fuel pumps were not configured TANK/ENG yet Main 2 and 3 tanks were both equal as expected. I configured the airplane in TANK/ENG except for Main 1 and 2 pumps which had no fuel in them. I was able to re-light engines 1 and 4 and continue the flight w/o incident but wondering what may have gone wrong. Possible I had my fuel pumps configured incorrectly at departure? Aaron
  5. Monitoring this. Would be great to hear this works out.
  6. Wish I had something but only stock. Have no idea what it will look like as it’s my first trip there in P3D! Any recommendations? Aaron
  7. Updated P3D to 4.4 and en-route PANC-VHHH in the 8iF and all is going really well. It seems possibly even smoother now but of course that is subjective. Love this airplane! Running P3D updated versions of: AS4 EZCA Aaron
  8. Thanks Jim. I agree with that point. I’m also stating that the wingtip long flash LEDs have a bit longer “on” states then in reality. Aaron
  9. I recall posting the same a while back. If the thread still exists, search for my post using my username. There are plenty of videos which show the timing and sequence. The timing, in my opinion, based on visual reference to real-life aircraft both on video and seen at LAX, is far too long for both wingtip LEDs and red beacon. See the examples below. I admit the 8i may be difficult to model as the sequence is very different than the other Boeing aircraft including the 737 NG with LEDs which would be the closest related flash pattern. Links: https://youtu.be/C03fuR0XiJ4 https://youtu.be/zvctf3WkqU4 https://youtu.be/9IRz9HPB6fE https://youtu.be/aeeJ2DSVehg I know there was mention of "technical" references. The devs knew to program the lights as such and that the wingtip is a "long-flash" LED. So perhaps they have access to the same technical reference which discusses light timings from the folks at Boeing? If not, I'd say these videos of RW aircraft or a visit to an airport with 8i traffic would show that the timing is indeed longer than it should be. Aaron
  10. I had the same issue with overheating brakes simply taxiing from the stand to the runway in ANC. And no, I wasn't "abusing" the brakes or using them other than to slow slightly for the 4 turns I had to make to get to the departure end. The only two flights I've flown I've landed with brake temp issues and had to call up the maintenance screen to replace the brakes and tires. If FSUIPC is a contributing factor and we all need to adjust "slope" how about PMDG issue an AD on this so that all customers who may be experiencing the issue can rectify? To me it seems as if FSUIPC is being used to compensate for aggressive brake sensitivity in general. Aaron
  11. Ah, understood. Thanks for the clarity!
  12. Hello and thanks for the reply. I may have missed the conceded point? Was it that the LEDs were correct or that some timing updates needed to be made? I posted evidence above to help demonstrate the differences between modeled and actual airplane. Let me know and I’ll move on. Thanks!
  13. Boeing does not provide aircraft with random patterns for wingtip strobes and LEDs on their aircraft because it doesn't matter. It's what helps identify what aircraft and series it is. 737 Classic: Unless upgraded to new LEDs, 737 Classics have all strobes with their own flash pattern. 737-NGs and up without LEDs have longer timings between traditional wingtip strobe and anti-collision light and a white tail strobe that flashes at a higher frequency. 737s with LEDs have the long wingtip LED light timing and traditional red strobe anti-collision light and still with the higher frequency flashing tail strobe. 747-8i is similar to 737 NGs wing tip LEDs. 777 has the same long timing between traditional strobe wing and anti-collision as non-LED 737 NGs and 747-8i but the tail strobe is in exact firing sequence to the wingtip strobes. 747-400 same as 777 787 has ALL LED wingtip and anti-collision and have longer timings as well. It's not about FAA regulations. It's about modeling what is present on the real aircraft today. go spend some time at your local airport at night with any mix of the above aircraft and you'll see the patterns. This is what enables you to look up at a plane at night and identify what it is just by looking at the light pattern. That is not done by accident. It is a "branding" signature of that aircraft - within the allowance of the regs. Aaron
  14. Ok. I'd like to help. Was looking to purchase and watched a "review" video online and noticed the wingtip LEDs. It appeared that the timings were a bit off so I did some digging online. There are several videos to show this but I picked one with the review video to show what I believe is the current state of the LEDs in the current PMDG version: 1. Video of actual 747-8i departing at night (20s into video). Note the wingtip lights. I won't get even pickier and state that the upper and lower anti-collision lights flash in alternating sequence also. 2. Now take a look at this review (4:13 mark) and look at the timing of the wingtip LEDs. I own the old QoSII for FSX and will probably purchase this for P3D. But watching this video, I noticed this right away and thought, "huh, that doesn't look right" but let's check. 5 minutes on YouTube and I find the above video..and many others..to show that yes, simple thing, the timing is off. PMDG have a well-deserved reputation for QUALITY. I own ALL of their aircraft bar one for X-Plane. Don't dismiss this as a small insignificant detail. it IS a feature that identifies this aircraft from the 400, much like LEDs on the 737-800+ separates them from the 300 or the double-flashing strobes on the A320. Yes, details matter. Aaron
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