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  1. I've tested the LINDA ifly module thoroughly during the last two weeks in my own setup - mainly MCP and Overhead assignments and everything still works fine as long as one uses the adequate ifl2fsuipc.exe available from ifly forum. ifly v1.01 -> iflytofsuipc.exe v1.15beta ifly FP3.0 -> iflytofsuipc2.03 ifly FP3.1 -> iflytofsuipc2.14 Cheers!
  2. The 2.0 version depends on the iflytofsuipc.exe provided by the ifly team to access all ifly functions. Please download the tool, and run it beside FS. The button click may be the lights which are switched using ifly-fsuipc-offsets to check if the offsets are exposed correctly. I know that this check doesn't work 100% correctly. Sometimes the error message comes up even though everything is working fine. I'll try to find a better way once I have more time - maybe at the end of the month. This is possible but I haven't been able to try it out yet. I'll give it a look as soon as possible. Which functions aren't working anymore? Just provide one or two and I can look it up easier in the documentation.
  3. I tested it thouroghly with the commands needed for my overhead. Everything works perfect. I improved the detection whether iflytofsuipc.exe is running or not. How do we release the new version? I changed it to 2.0 because we updated it completely to the iflytofsuipc.exe approach (no more macros) Cheers, Sebastian
  4. Yes. I will retest the module tonight with my overhead panel which uses more than 100 assignments. If everything works fine then we should release it.
  5. Here's my current Version 1.0 1.1 of the updated module: * support of iflytofsuipc.exe - no macros anymore, this approach is more update safe * all 1247(!) documented key command offsets supported * more groups than in iFly documentation for easier look up of actions * backward compatibility to existing configs - but they only work with the iflytofsuipc.exe running * basic detection whether iflytofsuipc.exe running or not * user notification in FS if iflytofsuipc.exe not running Tested only in FSX. Not all functions tested. I haven't tested backward compatibility (who can do that?)
  6. Ok, I will replace the macro calls with the adequate fsuipc function so it stays backward compatible and existing users won't have to change their configs. I also will remove the existing groups and put all legacy functions into one single folder/group named "DEPRECATED.". This won't affect the configs but will hopefully give a hint to new users, that they shouldn't use those. Another possibility would be to provide two different versions. One for new users without any legacy overhead and one backward compatible one. Actually I would prefer the last because I am a friend of clear and simple things that everybody can understand. Which one would you prefer? I already created some additional groups in the new config to have less functions for each group. I will also remove the first part of the function call if there are no conflicts within the function names. This will make it easier to read when assigning functions. Cheers, Sebastian
  7. I re-thought the thing.. I joined the functions into Helge's module and used a FSUIPC.prefix to clearly distinguish the functions. Then I tried to detect whether the exe is running or not in the "InitVars" function. This works quite nice by applying a workaround where I write and read and offset to see if the offsets are available (and they only are if the .exe is running). On the first time a user tries to execute an iflytoFSUIPC.exe-specific function without the .exe running, an error message will be shown. I will get in contact with Helge to inform him about my update. @Guenter: Please review my code to check if there is a better way to perform the detection and message display. Cheers, Sebastian
  8. Ok... then it has to be a module ;) I'll fix this tonight. Cheers, Sebastian
  9. If you can point me to a doc or provide me more information so that I am able to understand the intentions and differences between the concept of lib and module, of course I'll pick the most appropriate of both ;) Cheers, Sebastian
  10. well actually there already is grouping in the file. It is based on the grouping provided by iFly documentation. I imagine that we have to merge groups from Helge's macros and these actions which may be kind of work to do ;) There are also functions that are defined through macros with helges solution, too. How do we deal with these issues? This was another reason why I haven't merged the configs yet. Wouldn't it be easier to have two different configs? Another argument is, that there is an external dependency to the iflyftofsuipc.exe. Helge's module doesn't have it. Actually I am worried that people get confused when trying to assign actions that depend on the ifltofsuipc.exe and others do not. What do you think? Cheers, Sebastian
  11. Just because I am new to LINDA and don't understand the differences between module and lib. Where are the concepts explained? Also, I didn't want to alter Helge's module. Just tell me how to do it better and I make any adaption. If I understand you correctly I just have to copy the contents from my file to the actions.lua provided by Helge's iFly module. Cheers, Sebastian
  12. I uploaded my lib-file. Just remove .txt-extension and copy it to your LINDA/linda/libs/-Folder. You can then access all key-functions provided by the iflytofsuipc.exe Maybe it is of use for someone. Cheers, Sebastian
  13. Hello everybody, I was wondering if there already is an user lib available to easily access the enhanced controls to the iFly 737 which are provided through their iflytofsuipc.exe I started to copy the documented commands to a user lib but before doing all the effort, maybe someone already did it. I know that there is a module from Helge - but it only supports EFIS and MCP through macros. My goal is to write directly to the ifly fsuipc offsets. Cheers, Sebastian
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