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  1. Problem probably solved. In another Forum I was suggested to delete shader cache files, and/or try ticking the DX10 button in the display screen. Well, i tried the DX10 ticking and just like that graphics and aircraft behave normally. Unticked the DX10 button: Still seems OK. I was about to but e new graphics card... Regards, Tommy Engman
  2. Hi. This happens at every location, nomatter how I get there: From start, moving during gaming a.s.f There are no integrated graqphics: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 660 OC. And now I have no restore point. Have reinstalled six or seven times. Thanks for you concern!
  3. I discovered that the calender of FSX is blank (no date numbers) in a brownish colour, occuring with the scenery distortions. Any experiences of that?
  4. Cables/card removed and reset. Dxdiag run. DirectX-version: DirectX 12. No error indication.
  5. Thanks, but I run without shadows on everything, partly because IVAO AI aircraft seem to disappear if "aircraft cast shadows on the ground" and "on itself" or whatever - and for FPS-reasons. I suppose I should record what it looks like for members to get an idea. But on the other hand have you experienced this weird behavour of FSX I think you would feel "aha!! There are more FS pilots who have experienced this!". It probably is a hardware issue, the graphics card despite having served me and FSX well for a year has started withering. At the same time I hate the idea of spending €150 to find that it's *not* the graphics card that is the problem.
  6. When starting to play at a location suddenly ground textures partly disappeared, outside graphics becan to flicker and jump and changed layers when moving the spot plane view point, startup vc has changed viewpoint (floor) and zoom level, in default flight the cockpit dispers into parts and flutter, the aircraft move sideways (tried with different planes and locations) but responds to power and somewhat to joystick. The 2D panel works but views aoutside in that mode are ripped apart and flicker. Does anyone recognize this situation and has an idea what causes it? I have uninstalled and reinstalled both FSX-SE and FSX De luxe (and tried both with and without SP!/SP2) - the issue is the same in both sims. I run Win10 updated, Gigabyte GeForce GTX660OC (both earlier and latest (february) drivers). There are no visual issues in other applications like Netflix movies and the game Talos Principle. I hope there is someone out there who can help me save myself. Or my sim at least. Tommy Engman
  7. Reporting that the CPU-Z tool shows the exact same values for all four memories. Right now without FSX started I now and again find that some keystrokes don't register as a consequence of four memory modules 2Gb each. Other than that... Regards.
  8. Thanks for an informative answer. I was wrong about the FSX version - it was De Luxe with SP2, not the Gold version. So thats OK. I checked the memory config in EasyTune6 by Gigabyte, and it seemed OK there. But I will make a check with the BIOS and see if there´s something to correct there and if I can make this machine work with 8Gb. But it seems strange that the problem should arise with FSX only. I put on ADEx and FCCommander, and there were no problems. Now - to memory work! Thanks again. Tommy
  9. No common CTD, unfortunately, to which there seem to be solutions. In my case: I have run Win 8.1 with 2x2Gb of DDR3 1333 memory for a while and flown FSX Gold SP2 as well without any serious issues; a little low framerates at LFPG, EDDF and ESSA though. Equiped with Gigabyte GTX660 / AMD Phenom II x4 3,2Ghz /Windows 8.1. Sliders in the middle, but for scenery complexety where the slider's at max. In hope to get more flow I installed 4x2Gb of DDR3 1333 memory (same brand and batch). The computer and Win 8.1 starts, but 20 seconds after I start FSX the computer shuts down and restarts. I have tried a suggestion I found in a forum, to start FSX without the FSX.cfg to get a new one for the new configuration, but to no avail. After I tried with 2x2Gb memory sticks from one vendor together 2x2 two from another and the same result I have deduced that the memory sticks are not the problem. But I don't have knowledge enough or ingenouity enoght to make clever enough searches on the net so - is there someone willing to share experience and knowledge about this odd memory issue? I see a lot of people discussing the point of installing 8Gb of memory for FSX, but no one seems to have had my experience of the machine and OS shutting down. Thanks, Tommy Engman
  10. Fabrizia, thanks for your suggestion. I checked my dll.xml file, and it seems to be correct even if it has parts for FSUIPC4 and IvAp as well. What puzzles me is the lines <Name>SquawkBox Internal Version</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> I want it to be internal, it shows up in "Addons" menu. Shouldn't it be "True" for it to run properly? I think it is a nuisance to run SquawkBox from outside FSX. Might go for FSInn... Tommy
  11. Hi. After installing Win8, and reinstalling all sim applications (MSFS SP1 and SP2 plus SB4), FSX greets me with this message: - - - - - Flight simulator has detected a problem with a third-party software program (add-on): Name: <Unknown> Version: <Unknown> Company. <Unknown> File: C:\Microsoft Games\SquawkBox4\sbtrans10.dll Do you want to run this software (not recommended)? /Yes - No / To avoid seeing this message in the future, uninstall this program or disable its ability to start when running Flight Simulator. For more informatin about third-party programs, contact the publisher or see http:\www.fsinsider.com. - - - - - And it takes for ever to load the application. I know there is a workaround suggested, to start SB4 outside FSX. But the the appwindow gets hidden like an ordinary window, and you need to "leave" FSX to speak to ATC, that is to say switch focus by Alt+Tab or with the mouse. It is very awkward. I hope that SquawkBox developers will find a solution to this problem, because I don't think it works to load it outside of FSX. Regards,
  12. Hi. Just thought I'd encourage you, in case you're still in doubt. Your rig will do fine - not all setting will have to be maxed. And Windows 8 makes the whole show run faster and smother - loading for instance, especially if you have RAM that size. I have 4 Gb on a 32-system. Happy flying!
  13. It appears that nobody else but me has had these errors or crashes in connection with FSX, SquawkBox and Windows 8. After I have tried one solution in two different settings/geographical circumstances I at least can conclude that a FS9 aircraft addon that has been nice to fly in FSX and WindowsXP shuts down FSX in Windows 8 when connected to SquawkBox4. This has also happened before connection once during my experiments. XP settings for FSX does not help. Why this has to happen remains to learn, considering how many sceneries and aircraft addons that have survived transition from FS2002 to FSX with some adjustments. Thanks for reading this post! Tommy
  14. Hope you're having a nice Saturday. And maybe there should be an SB discussion group? This is what happens in FSX och Windows 8 when I connect with SqauwkBox4 to VATSIM: I get an info frame with the message Debug Error! Program C:\- libraries\Microsoft Flight Simulator\FSX.exe Module: C:\_libraries\SquawkBox4\sbmod10.dll File: Run-Time Check Failure #3 - The variable 'pos Y' is being used without being initialized. (Press Retry to debug the application.) I press Retry ang get Fatal error. MSFS restarts. I never had this happen during my XP and FSX years. I bet there is a lot of you that know what this means, but I am at a totall loss. I don't very much look forward to deinstall every item and go through them one by one. I have mead clean reinstalls of both Win8 and FSX. Hoping. Regards.
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