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  1. Thanks! everything function very well.
  2. Hi, FSX SP2, Simconnect, Efis panel builder 2.98, Beech 1900D Add on. The following are the small issues of the Beech 1900 Panel: With out a doubt, It is an excelent adition to my simulator: 1. The fuel Gauges don`t show the auxiliary tanks fuel. 2. In the Fuel Gauges the needle has erratic moves when the battery is off. 3. How to change the VOR,GPS & ADF in EFIS HSI ? 4. Could be nice if the engine gauges allows change the scale. (Different Sim models of 1900D) One question: The Mapper recognice Goflight modules? I have no lucky with that... Best Regards, Juan
  3. HI, Simconnect, FSX, Efis 2.98 GPS1.50 I have a problem to follow the flight Plan in order, the gps arrives to the 3th or 4th waypoint and return to the 2nd point. Can you help me? Juan
  4. I'm using PanelBuilder 2.98 and the GPS 1.50. Too.
  5. Yes, I have the same problem. (Simconnect, FSX SP2) I need Help to this Issue. Regards, Juan
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