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  1. Overflying Nepal with Sky Maxx.
  2. Beautiful sunset on Nepal with aurora borealis to the north... Sky Maxx Add-on
  3. Just over the rwy 01 at KDCA (Washington D.C.) KDCA scenery and Washington Monuments addons from the .org. B757-200 xpfw OSM buildings.
  4. Final approach to the rwy 26 LOWI. B757-200 xpfw Innsbruck Facade Scenery 2 by me. (download it from the .org!!!)
  5. A view of NY city in the sunset. addons: Manhattan central/east/west/, Statue of Liberty from .org, NY Ted's scenery, and some OSM buildings.
  6. A view of NY city in the night from La Guardia tower. addons: Manhattan central/east/west/ from .org, NY Ted's scenery and some OSM buildings.
  7. Landing at TNCM. Fly-Tampa converted Sint Maarten scenery + Sint Maarten photoreal area from the .org. B757-200 xpfw
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