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  1. Usually, I'm flying out of Zurich. No matter, which direction I go, live weather stops being injected after 300 nm. At the moment, I'm flying from LSZH to ESSA. Live weather was working fine from LSZH up to somewhere southwest of Berlin. Then suddenly wind changed form 230/49 to 225/03 and no more clouds which means live weather is gone.
  2. I'm using FBW Development version. Also had those temperature spikes above FL240. That seems to be fixed by now. But the problem with the live weather that stops working 300 nm after takeoff persists. Any ideas?
  3. Hi all! My live weather stops around 300 nm after takeoff. Clouds stop being displayed along a straight line and then there are only clear skies and winds at 225/03. Happens on every flight since SU7. Anyone with the same issue? Is there any way to fix that? Thanks for any advice!
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