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  1. Same issue here. Very frustrating 😞 The models are all FSX native and the PC is clean... as soon as I inject traffic (UT2) frames drop from stable 35 (locked in inspector) to 12 or less... Any ideas?
  2. Till89

    P3D V5

    Sorry but you are confusing this with FSX! While FSX never was a stable product, LM managed to deliver a product which does not require too much tuning. However, it is easy to bring P3D to a slideshow with settings to MAX and 10 layers of clouds, each layer with its own shadows :D
  3. Till89

    P3Dv4.1 and Ultimate Traffic Live question

    Guys, I see that the powerpack is not released so far. Is there already a nice way to add new airlines/plans to UT live or do we have to wait for the powerpack?
  4. Till89

    A318/A319 update?

    Thanks for the info Bryan. Great support! Looking forward to the update and also for the T7
  5. Till89

    A318/A319 update?

    Hi guys Great to hear about the update. The release of the bus is settled. How much time will pass till we can use fs2crew with it? Another small thing which we always bugs me a bit: after landing the FO always turns on the APU. As far as I know many Airlines do not start it up after landing and go directly to GPU power at the gate... Best solution: let the FO ask: do you want the APU on or off. This also gives more interaction with the FO... Give it a thought please Best, Till