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  1. finally it worked!!! :lol: thank you all guys!!!you ve been very helpfull!!!!
  2. i did it but nothing happened.the only thing i can do is to press ''eplace '' or ''replace all'' but still...i will try it some times more an if there is nothing will let you know.you have allready helped me too much.i apreciate it.thank you all !!!
  3. ok i did it.i pressed find next but there is no ''ok'' button.should i press ''replace''?
  4. ok.i did this and when i put the numbers and press ''ok'' it says:the find field requires a even number of digits for a valid hex string.please check your search creteria and try again. What is that mean?
  5. i finally found how the hex editor works.BUT there is no number such as 0022003900.any ideas????
  6. truth is that i dont care about seeing v.c. when cycling views.what i meant was that i dont want to see the v.c.when using hat switch to see left or right.i use another cockpit than feelthere's and when using hat switch i see two cockpits.any idea?
  7. thank you guya.i find it rather difficult to use hex editor.the numbers given should appear?
  8. Can anyone help?how can i remove v.cockpit from feelthere airbus a320?
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