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  1. Hello, 5 days ago, I bought FS2Crew Airbus X voice control, but I would be to change it for the "button" version. How can I do? I searched a contact for customer service but, on the website It does not exist.. Thanks
  2. Hi there, I tuned in both the radios NAV frequency of EKVG ILS , the localizer has been captured, but the indicator of glide path does not work as a picture below. Do you know why?
  3. Hi there, I would like to know if the 737NGX is compatible with windows8. Thanks
  4. Hello, I noticed that the LM of my A330 Wilco, there's a function (?) Should calculate, takeoff trim value. I just can not understand how it works. The manual does not even mention it gets. As you can see from the screen there is a written "TRIM" but nothing more. The field value is that the fuel of the second tank . And then the trim? Moreover, the situation provides a ZFW of 242,353 pounds, it seems appropriate then to set the trim off. You, how to calculate it? Thanks
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