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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply! I managed to borrow a neighbors multimeter and I am in fact getting zero power to the yoke. At least I'm not pulling my hair out trying to figure out the driver issues. Kijiji guy hasn't returned my texts or calls so he probably knew it was broken... Shame, I've ordered one off Amazon and I'm just gonna swap the new one out for the old one and return it as defective. 😛
  2. Hello Everyone. Before I get into it I just want to clarify that I have been fiddling with this yoke for the last 3 hours and nothing that I have read so far has worked. I'm posting here as a last ditch effort to try to get this to work. I am trying to determine if this is a driver issue or the actual yoke is broken. Yesterday I bought a Saitek Yoke +throttle and pedals off kijiji, nice guy, everything looked in working order etc. Pedals work fine but my yoke or throttle won't turn on when I plug it in. I've installed the newest drivers from saitek and when I get to the part to plug it in the next button is greyed out and I can't do anything. So I went into the drivers. Everything I've read so far basically tells me to do this: "Use <Device Manager> and right click on Saitek Pro Yoke if there under <Human Interface Devices>, or <Unknown Device> if not. Right click on it and left click on <Update Drivers>. Next left click on "Browse my computer for ............... " In the next window, left click on "Let me pick from a list ............ " You will now have a choice of <Pro Flight Yoke> OR <USB Device> Left click on <USB Device> Correct! Do NOT click on <Pro Flight Yoke> - it's NOT a Yoke, it's a USB device!" None of this seems to work for me. I've dug through device manager and the only thing related to Saitek is the HID device by going into properties/details and changing the drop-down to hardware IDs, I can see Saitek hotkeys but not yoke... https://imgur.com/xhkSBQa So after following the above I get to this, there is no option to select a USB device. https://imgur.com/zO5JLiN If I uncheck the box that says show compatible and go to system operations and click on the USB, I get this message. I install and it says the installation was unsuccessful and the driver is not working. https://imgur.com/lASVjnn I have tried everything from installing it as a yoke, manually running the driver update. I had it as a saitek yoke USB and it had the little yellow shield, then tried running the saitek drivers and my button is still greyed out. I've tried every USB port on my pc and laptop, I even opened up the yoke to see if anything was loose or damaged inside and nothing. I hope this is an actual yoke issue because these drivers are driving me insane! Any help will be greatly appreciated! Ryan
  3. Hello All, I recently stumbled across a wonderful E17X AI model that was released just under 2 weeks ago by Andrew Quintal, also going by Raven FS Labs, in the library. And it has the updated Embraer winglets which is awesome! Being a huge fan of AI I downloaded it and have thrown a few repaints onto the models and it looks great. He has a website and under the description of the model he states that there is in fact a Hi-Res 2048x2048 paintkit. There are a few repaints floating around for the model on Juergen Baumbusch's site, just wondering if anyone knows where I can find the paintkit or if the dev will release it at a later date once Juergen gets a few paints circulating? Any help is appreciated, thanks. And you really should check out this model! raven_fs_labs_embraer_e17x_base_pack.zip
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