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  1. I just noticed a big 38% off banner on the ORBX forums. This reminded me of a topic where John Venema (the ORBX CEO) promised “no more sales, ever”: I questioned the validity and wisdom of that promise, and the topic ended up getting locked, and I received a "warning" and an accusation from Ian Routely that my line of questioning was "borderline" and displayed "no understanding of how these things work." In retrospect, was my line of questioning completely out of line? Were my questions about development costs, software depreciation, and ORBX's update plans for PNW really so threatening that their censorship, warning, and condescension were justified? The way John and Ian handled their side of the discussion left me feeling deeply shocked and insulted, to the point where my enthusiasm for ORBX was (and remains) greatly diminished. Their harsh (and very public) reaction to my line of questioning ended up costing them hundreds of dollars from me, and possibly many more from other people who read their reactions to that topic. Coincidentally, I just watched Straight Outta Compton last night. Perhaps that stirred those old memories, of John and Ian shoving me to the [virtual] curb.
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