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  1. Cool. For the moment I hate you :D :P Have enjoyable flights Pete.
  2. Yes, I also fly Europe mainly and end up with navigraph charts as the best options. I am try to put them in my tablet thought. You must have a very busy cockpit there ;). Don't tell me you also have a kinda realistic cockpit!! I am still far from that point. :D Too expensive for me! Spoiled Americans have always better resources :D. They are lucky.
  3. Cool, This one realistic or not looks feature full. I think I can actually learn something from this one! Mad Dog can you export the data from it like charts or generated maps? I couldn't find the feature in their site.
  4. Pete as you said a realistic Jepessen App + Chart is kinda like an expensive dream. For me too. But old charts are available almost in the same format in apps like FSKneeboard (I really wish they had an android version now). Those are the same charts that real pilots use with the same format. Format is important as real pilots talk about our bad habits of wrong muscle habits and our eyes can't see the information in real charts,.... It seems we (simmers) are used to stripped down, wrongly formatted info getting from other apps instead of real sources (charts). I thinks apps like FSKneeboard that give us the charts in original format with make the experience more realistic. Again arguing too much is pointless. You know for sure quality of different apps and addons we have are not the same. It is like arguing about usability of default FSX 737 and an addon like PMDG 737GN. We can argue both do fly somehow. But you know there is a world of difference between these two and later actually is increasing our knowledge about two model of 737! Our argue here is like this.
  5. Pete mentioned by looking at many available videos from airlines. They are a great source. Some tools are far from what real pilots do and some very near. It is kinda like the situation we have with different plane addons. This one is cool. I wish they release it for android tablets too (I am not very positive as number of android tablet users are lower than ipad). I should have test the trial you are right. I thought I will give it s shot and if I did not like it cancel it. My reason was that after watching http://www.fsbreak.net/ yesterday, I bought this product and when I found the product with highest price in market has such limited functionality (but is eye-candy I must confess) I was wondering how is that real pilot may say even playing with simulator actually will ruin the skills. I think with a good set of tools that should not be the case. At least in many ways. I bought topcat today and I cant say the same thing about topcat. It is actually has some knowledge to absorb for me. All and all, I am trying to create at least my own set of more realistic tools if possible and if someone likes to help and introduce. tools like FSKneeboard that GHarrall mentioned or topcat or navigraph. I am compiling my list. And in many way in different stages tools should be different, Maybe few month ago the EFB I mentioned could be interesting for me too. But know I just have fun by making stuff more near to real ones.
  6. Pete I want that Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck Too! :D Damn cool and Damn unreachable! But take a look at it in videos. It is basically the Jeppesen charts that we have in navigraph presented in the best way for pilots. The information that pilot must absorb is again the same as real charts. The other EFB I was talking about doesn't give us neither the same layout nor information of the same. It just make us lazy to search a plan auto enter it and then follow exact location of flight in the screen with again limited information. But if we use paper or at least exported real paper in pdf into tablet(our emulation of jepessen app! :D ), find the real flight plan and enter it into FMS. Follow the plan and check it in our cockpit screens (not another application beside FSX) it at-least will be the procedure that real pilot do. I am also writing about some bad habits we as simmer might have and combination of tools that can help. I will post it and then I can explain why I say some tools are actually bad. Some tools "bring knowledge" and some tools are unrealistic with no connection with real-world. Again it is for fun of making it more realistic otherwise as AoA sometime say, just take off and have fun :P PS: About Viking Aviation video I like them! I dont have that particular one but in sample video it shows pilot is reviewing the real charts (we can use navigraph or find it some other sources). It will be replaced in future with tablet that basically show the same chart in a much more convenient way. You have tried yourself for sure, combinations of real charts +enroutes+ a good FMS is amazing and very much near reality (except another 200 details ;) ).
  7. You are true about different taste. :D I dont mean it is waste of money for everyone! It was just about more realistic tools against less realistic tool we can use. Also paper and recently (few airlines) tablets (really recent) are the tools pilots use for planning and entering/correcting data in FMS and we have access to one of them at least. Not only Aivlasoft but also other tools that are too far from reality seems to give us bad habits as real pilots say.
  8. Today http://www.fsbreak.net/ Nick and others were talking they cant even mention they like virtual flights!. :) I personally don't think it is actually harmful to pilots to be virtual pilot too. In situations like using real charts like navigraph how could it be bad? Or playing with procedural stuff in models like PMDG 737. But tools like EFB that have nothing to do with real world or real charts or even real style of reading (reading in paper or tablet) can ruin the style. This is only my opinion. I enjoy trying to make the virtual flying as realistic as possible to its obvious limits. Fortunately it is getting easier now a days with many greats addons available to simmers. Many of us I think are using the old FSX of FS9 because it feels kinda more realistic and educational, otherwise for 3D effects and new technologies both FSX and FS9 are very old and inferior products compares to new MS Flight or some new combat simulations. :)
  9. All, Today I bought aivlasoft EFS and charged my navigraph account in hope of increasing my charting and instrumental flights abilities. I had two different experiences with them. I am flying PMDG 737 that is a piece of art in its modelling and specially FMS. Navigraph was very useful specially by its ability to print the chart that let me to have the charts separately and reading them comfortably while flying. It gives kinda of realistic experience. The charts are complete and for me affordable as I don't need many of them. Enroute maps are more expensive but again I need only 2 of them for now. Aivlasoft EFS was disappointment in several ways. It is very unrealistic and by using them I remembered the discussion today in FSBreak about simmers and how unrealistic they are. I some bad combinations of tools that are not helpful are making this impression. Aivlasoft EFS is in this category in my opinion. I think as a simmer one of the joys is to try and make a more realistic environment for myself. I wasted my money on this product. I hope others don't do the same mistake as I did.
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