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  1. Greetings to every member!! I have a question for experts. I have cls A300 in fs2004 and i want to "paint" it with olympic airways livery but i can't find any livery for cls A300..... trying to paint it with an olympic livery from paywere simcheck (changing the aircraft.cfg with the proper including, loading the proper texture.XX ), but nothing. In what way can I mix the liveries??? I am sure that there must be a way to transform!!
  2. i am curious because this problem doesn't occur 1 month before and suddenly hapenned!!!!!
  3. hi there again i am faced a problem in my graphs showing below. i don't know how to manage it. pls help me ?
  4. To tell the truth, i was thinking reinstall it again and after uninstall it ......reinstall it for the 2nd time.Do you think it's going to help!!
  5. Hallo there, i have fs9 running in Win 7. I am facing an uninstall problem. I got Installed various of Add-ons sceneries. When trying to uninstall the Fs9 a window appears warning me that istead of uninstall the fs9, uninstall the add-on!!!!! then nothing, so i got to delete fs9 MANUALLY. After re-install it the software "remembers me" keeping the same settings i had before delete it, something that i don't want it. what am i doing that is not correct???? <_< :mad: <_<
  6. If you were me and want to set a sytem up from zero, in order to have fs9/fsx fluently and what you will recoment. I am about to set up a system you know and i am seeking for a system powerfull enough to run the simulators at maximum settings! Pls let me know!!!thnx
  7. hi there i have geforce 9300M for my laptop. When i set anti aliasing from f9 settings menu, what i get is a "bad"- running simulator. Is the Nvidia inspector helps with anti aliasing and simulator performance Are independent each other ?
  8. Good day to all the members! I run fs9 with win 7 dual core cpu and Nvidia 9300M, i know the graphic card is not the best at the market but at moment i can't upgrade my system. 1) Can somebody tell me how can i run fs9 with Anti-allising checked without decreased fps 2) I have my graphic drivers updated, Can i regulate any of the parameters of Nvidia menu in order fs9 running better 3) Did i need somewhere else in my sytem update in order to achieve optimum running. Thanks for reading!
  9. I have already purchased it, but nothing new brother? anything else?
  10. Hi there! i have the 747-400 on fs9 and I experienced an instrument "black out" situation imidiatelly after 3 minuites of game (after loading). It seams like an electrical failure, because all of the instruments on the panel are dark!!! After 10times of restarting the fs9 the same problem occured. Is someone out there that can explain me what is the matter? Is the problem by the software itself, or is something else? thanks for reading!!!
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