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  1. Hello m8 how are you? Thanks for that just a few questions......What am i suppose to do with this i need step by step on how to do it ,do i copy & paste this & what do u mean by Add this to your next window entry sorry to ask but im not that good in figuring thinks like this & could i have it in plain English on how to set it up thanks....Romeo...
  2. Hi m8 how are you? Yeah that would be great just can't use the CDU properly exspecially in the legs page a little confussing maybe once u can get the hang of it i suppose it would be fun to use....Looking forward to that panel & thanks...... Sorry m8 this site can be a little confusing & thanks...... :P
  3. Hello just wanted to know why wasn't a GPS installed when you have brought the PMDG 737 NGX? Not much of a fan of the CDU-FMC rather use the GPS so anyone can help with this problem of mine would be much appriceated....Romeo
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