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  1. I didn't try cable connection because I'm searching the solution that is good for me and would like wifi one. I know that I risk lag delay but I want to see if it is good or not. In the adapter list, the first one is the wifi I use for long now. The PC's are on lan and I succeed to run PlanG with simconnect. I have files and printer sharing and also I'm in the same workgroup (groupement residentiel). Thank you for help, but can we go further to the success? G
  2. Hello, I already saw this FAQ and made what is said as I can think. I use 1 network card but it seems there are some connections but not used here. (VirtualBox Host-Only Network, Connexion au réseau local -I have not cables between PC's-, Connexion réseau sans fil -this is the one is used and first in the list named in FAQ here up.) Ip: FSX PanelBuilder Thank you. G
  3. Hello, I'm trying to use simplugins, trial version, on 2 pc, wifi linked on BBOX2 router. FSX, win 7 64, and Win 7 32 for remote, same domain and submask as I far as I can say. Have I to forward ports on router? It works although on same pc. I'm trying on 2 different remote PC. FSX PC is static IP. I can use PlanG on lan via simconnect. Can someone guide me through the way until success? I will try to give best data to find the cause, but will need the ways to find... Thank you very much, G
  4. Hello, I have big trouble uncompressing these 7z. In fact, 7z is unzipping, and creates a last big 7z file that I'm unable to unzip. 7z Win 7/32 Tks for help
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