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  1. thanks for your input Ark , Turns out i had to update the PMS50 gtn750 , once i did that every things working , just weird that it affected the default gps530 unit, I guess cause those aircraft have both as a option to use in their code that the older pms50 version was blocking things , Happy i,m back to normal , boy some things never change with microsoft hope this info helps someone else
  2. I have the MS store version , the tablets are working now but the GPS are not havent checked all but carenado flysimware and my justflight turbo arrow gps even the default 530 unit wont turn on no matter what i do , still investigating I have to double check if the defaults asobo are working . thanks for the reply
  3. I have been lucky through all the MSFS updates but finally service update 9 has broken my fav ,the chancellor 414 , after realizing that none of the GPS unit i have the default 530 or the pws gtn 750 will work they are just blank ,power button dosent work and previously it would just be on as i always just load up in the ready for takeoff state , the other thing is the EFB wont pop up and open any more , not sure if its supposed to be open at start up but its not and wont pop up , thinking these to are related , i had version 1.5 , updated to 1.9 after the sim update but that hasent helped , Sure hope i,m not the only one with this issue , I also have this problem with all my Carenado planes as well, hope that helps , praying for a solution or maybe a miraculous fix next beta update , cheers its a great plane
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