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  1. Ohh!! So you did a pre-flight checklist. I think the question is if we can pilot the airplane. Not just start it. Lol. Yes, but each company varies slightly. And actually... I've heard of crew members being discharged because they didn't do what their company wanted them to. Boeing might recommend using both ignitors on the engine, but Alaska Airlines on the other hand, prefers that you only use one of the ignitors, alternating every start. Why? Because it preserves the ignitors on each engine. I have access.. And there is kind of a need, unless you feel like going unemployed. I doubt anyone will want to hire a person who deviated from their company's SOP in the past, that spells "untrustworthy" in many shapes and forms. Okay. but just saying, if you were to try, have fun sitting on the ramp filling out paperwork.
  2. It's not so much about getting it all started up from "cold and dark", because in real life, that doesn't mean anything. It's more about doing your flows the right way, in the right scenario, and following your company's SOP. I kind doubt anyone on this forum will be able to, unless they have 737 experience IRL. How many of you guys shut off your A system hydralics before tow-bar is connected? A system hyrdalics pressurise the nose gear stearing, so therefore, pushing and turning an aircraft with it's nosegear steering pressurized will cause a great amount of injury and damage.
  3. Of course! If you wouldn't mind looking into my Bio, you may notice I fly mostly the turboprops, and piston pounders. The actual type of flying Thank you.
  4. :fool: DC-6 is made by Douglas... How you didn't know that is far beyond me. I thought the "DC" would've given it all away...
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