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  1. Thanks captains , I'm very happy you all like it is available also the livery for the B744F http://forum.avsim.net/topic/402703-b744f-scuderia-ferrari-ivao-f1-worldtour-2013-celebrative/#entry2624001 Regards Fabrizio
  2. Hi LJ , no i'm sorry , I made these aircraft for world tour ivao F1 , it is mandatory to use only heavy cargo aircraft. cit. Aircraft Category Heavy only! Any other pirep will be rejected!Regards Fabrizio
  3. released V2 , have repainted the nose all white, this is the link. http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=175836 Who wants a red nose is always the first link
  4. After md11 , now the big jumbo B744F (PMDG) Scuderia Ferrari , ivao F1 worldtour 2013 celebrative. I hope you like it, good flight to all Best Regards Fabrizio for download http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=175867
  5. Thank you friends , I am happy you like it looking at the red nose ...I copied the line of the Scuderia Ferrari logo, does not convince me <_< was better nose all white... tomorrow I make a v2 release, the nose all white.
  6. :lol: I could find the only problem PMDG MD11... this is an event !! It is too bad , but does nothing, the plane is superb ... going to do without the logo to the bottom. Robert , thank you so much for your kindness. Best Regards Bizio (fabrizio)
  7. i created a livery for ivao event F1 tour 2013. "Scuderia Ferrari", anyone who wants to use it, can download it in http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=175824 enjoy and Best Fly Best Regards Fabrizio Guelpa
  8. ok Robert ... :lol: I look forward to, thank you very much for your availability Best Regards Fabrizio
  9. Return on topic. Thank you all for kind and constructive replies . (sorry for my worst english :lol: ) Yes , this is a fictional livery for virtual airline I belong This is an Airbus A320 aereosoft that I made for for the VA dreamfly , have the logo bottom fusolage on all aircraft as says Robert , i worked in normal procedure repainted ... PMDG_MD11_Fuse_Left&Right_T > Master_MD11_Fuse_Left&Right_T > and passed in DXTBmp example: after processing the Master_MD11_Fuse step dds with DTXBmp but when I insert the logo (half part ..left ) shows it incomprehensibly distorted in both parts I thank you for the support Best Regards Fabrizio
  10. 1) what it means ... "why you would want to Put a LOGO down there ??" ... that strange question is that? because the emirates puts the logo under the fuselage ? 2 ) Fabrizio is my name.... now I do not know if my mother as a child he hid me another name 3) I have read the rules,... you may have missed the point 2 of the Regulation, (BEHAVIOR MUST BE CIVIL, POLITE) Thank you
  11. Hi I have problem to place a logo (emirates style) at the bottom of the fuselage. In which file and location is exactly? best regards Fabrizio
  12. :biggrin: Hi friends I created and uploaded in library the new livery for AXE A321 EMIRATES (fictional) , I hope you like it :db: good flight. bye biz
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