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  1. Hello Jim i had a CTD during a flight in myfsx...Pleas if i send you next time an event viewer could please give some ideas on how to precede resolving the problem?

    1. Jim Young

      Jim Young

      I will be happy to try to help you.  Please send me a PM (put your cursor over my name and select "Message".

  2. Hello to the group.I am Petros from Greece and i have joined your group because i need your help regarding scenery creation for vfr photoreal. I have created a scenery with FSEarthtiles and now is the hardcore process The are i made is LGPZ for FS9 . First of all how can i correct the airport to be fitted with the photoreal scenery and then how can i allign the photoreal scenery to be fitted with the default scenery of FS9area?
  3. Thank you for replying...it's very interesting but i need the whole fleet with the registrations operated by the company.Total acft around 8 Wish anyone could help.thank you once again WingZ
  4. Please is there anyone willing to help me out???I would be more than gratefull
  5. Hello to the group, I need your help to paint me the 737-200s fleet of Olympic Airways for FS9 using TinMouse paintkit. I am not able to paint them by myself since i have no idea on how to paint Is there anyone willing to help me on this project please? Thank you in advance for your time, Petros
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