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  1. Now I feel a bit stupid... Thank you very much, I never realised "global texture" meant VC as well!... Thanks again. Already had, thanks!
  2. I know but it´s constantly changing, and I find it strange that none of the VA´s with official airlines are listed high (like air france, KLM e.t.c). They aren´t so popular are they?
  3. Hello! I´ve not read of anyone having this problem so I might as well post this. My aircraft settings are the highest possible (Ultra) and antialiasing + anisotropic. My card is 8800 GTS 512 MB and it´s updated with latest drivers. But in every single default FSX plane my VC still is "blocky". This makes it impossible for me to read all the text around the cockpit so I have to constantly switch between 2D and 3D to perform tasks. Please watch the attached pics: I think it might be that my graphic card is not fully supportable? But it still is a good card for FSX so I´m really not sure... Any comments and suggestions are highly appreciable!
  4. Thanks for your info. That may just be the case. But it feels like a bug for me when they switch me back and forth for 10-15 times... I don´t think that happens in reality?
  5. As the topic; is there any official top 10 list for virtual airlines? I´ve seen the va-list.com and simmiles but no rating sites. I´m not looking to "join the best one", I just want an overview. What to you guys think? Any recommendations? I´m thinking of joining "hellenic airways", as I´ve understood it´s possible to join several?
  6. I´ve just realised that ATC has so many bugs FSX would have been better without it! I also get those crazy vectors - for instance when just departured, ATC hands me directly over to arrival thinking that I´m on my way to land in the freaking airport I just took off from. The bad thing is that VATSIM don´t have controllers in every place on FSX, so ATC is not always "on". Or maybe I´m wrong?
  7. Thanks for your answers Mickel. I will join VATSIM when feeling more experienced in flight sim. These "small" bug in FSX are the most annoying... No there wasn´t any issue with tuning frequency on the mission problem. ATC just never gave my instructions to decent. ATC is so vital to getting a realistic flying experience, it´s sad that microsoft has to muck it up like this... So it looks like there is plenty of different bugs with ATC... It totally ruins the flying experience for me man.
  8. Hello ladies and gentlemen... I´m having a really annoying problem with the default ATC that I´ve googled on without results, so I hope someone here can help me out. When ATC "switch" me from different departure control towers and centers, like for instance "London center" to another, they kind of switch me back to the one I was tuned in before. And so this weird thing continues, I´m told to switch back and forth between two different centers. It mostly happens when leaving the border of a country, as England for example (London center). This happens only during flight and it´s really annoying cause I don´t understand if it´s a bug or not. I hope anyone else has experienced this and can tell me how to fix this? One other thing that occurred in a mission: I was flying IFR and had clear instructions of climb/heading. But ATC never gave orders for me to descent and intersect the way to the airport. This may just be a bug with the mission, if so, then ignore this last comment... I have no ATC addons. Only addons I have is GEX, UTX, FS Global 2010. /Tommy
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