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  1. Hi I have done the push to talk joystick testerand it works fine. Also when i press the push to talk button the red indicator shows up showing its picking up the push to talk function Also checked numerous different buttons and keyboard keys options. Same result only works with open mic. Thanks.
  2. Further testing results FS2crew a32x.... open mic everything works fine... i just have to use the hard mic mute button. but with voice buttong control- both joystick and keyboard trigger doesnt work PBE..... open mic evertying works fine..i just have to use the hard mic mute button. but with voice buttong control- both joystick and keyboard trigger doesnt work
  3. Speech Recognition started Detected Speed recognition region - English - US Confirming also WASM Module
  4. Microphone works phone btw as i use mic for streaming and voice is no issue.
  5. Voice recognition stopped working after i updated the 2 programs to the latest versions including the beta a32x version. I have tried everything remvoing the folders from community folder, uninstalling both and cmd centre and reinstalling both Removing audio drivers and restarting windows. Everything i have done including trying default fbw livery and i still dont get any voice working red light lights up in program showing joystick button pressed but 99% of the time doesnt work. Also keyboard voice activiation not working even though red light on interface when key pressed. I really need some help... ive not been able to use fs2 crew or pbe for a month now.. Really frustrated. Happy to screen share or what ever it takes but im really dissapointed that this is so hard to make work.
  6. Just read in another post that if FSX is set to metric, this might be the cause. I must have made this change without remembering. Ive changed back to feet and will do some test flights and see if this fixes it.
  7. Hi, Ive been using FS2crew for a while now together with FSX mostly for VATSIM flights. My setup consists of running FSX on my main computer which has 3 21inch lcd monitors connected via a TH2Go. I run all my utilities,weather addons (active sky), FSinn etc on a client networked pc. However in the last few weeks ive started experiencing a weird problem that i havent faced before. To explain, i start a flight and enter transition level into FMC as part of my preflight setup following normal flows and checklist flows. Everything works perfectly up until completion of the after take off checklist. Despite setting the transition level to 10000ft in the FMC on the performance page, when passing 10000ft, FS2crew does not make the normal calls i have heard before "Transition level, flight level 100". Ive flown a number of flights now and the "Transition level, flight level 100" call occurs when i cross 32000ft (weirdlyenough, everytime at this altitude). Apart from this glitch, FSX, my pmdg737ngx-800 addon and all addons work flawlessly. In an effort to problemshoot this occurance, ive checked the fs2crew manual and looked at all otherlocaitons where transition level might need to be entered but cant find anything. The transition call on descent works perfectly based on the transition level i enter into the FMC DES page. Ive also reinstalled pmdg737ngx 1c update, followed by reinstalling fs2crew (voice) but the same error remains. Ive also checked that synch pilot and copilot entries in FMC options is selected. Not sure what i am missing? Any help would be much appreciated. Nabil Abdulbaki
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