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  1. FSX has been working fine for ages on my computer but the last couple of days it's been 'fatal error'ing It started out by happening once or twice, but now I can't even load a flight. The same process is happening over and over. I open the application, am able to choose my settings (date, aircraft etc) and I get into the game. It loads up and I can see my aircraft for about 20 seconds. The traffic is about to activate from UT2 and that's when it crashes. It causes a fatal error and restarts, and the process starts again. The message I get upon restart says "Microsoft .NET Framework. Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. Exception HRESULT 0xC000014B" The only difference from the last few days is I have been re-assigning livery paints in UT2, but not done anything else. Any help appreciated.
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