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  1. Hello, The manual is not clear about how to start the Nieuport 24. On its productsite I see no further information either. I can move the rotating handle and then the prop rotates for a short while and then stops. I have clicked also on the Refuel-function, did not help. Also pumping the pump on the rightside of the panel does not help. I have the Prepar3D V4 version.
  2. Hello, Yesterday I bought both the Beechcraft D 18 and Nieuport 34 for Prepar3D v4. Excellent models, nice flying etc. My compliments! Two questions: 1 Do you know of add-on textures for Dutch liveries of the Beechcraft D 18? 2. Why are you using your name in the name of the aircraft folder and prohibit changes in that foldername? I organize my folders by manufacturername Boeing, Lockheed, AVRO, Dornier etc or by type for American military like B-17, F-16, P-51 etc.for ease of maintenance and file-management. Providers like you and A2A, Carenado etc can put their name in "ui_createdby=" . The same is valid for the title, I like to edit the title to arrange a consistent display in the aircraft selection-menu. Changes in your title also prohibit selection. with kind regards, Piet de Geus