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    Fix for CereProc Voices Coming Soon

    Thanks to Denco, Dave, and everyone who helped get this fix in place. Working pretty well now, except for one thing... Especially if ATC has been quiet for a while, I notice that often the first word or two is missing from the speech. I don't understand why this is happening. Am I missing a setting somewhere? I too plan to buy some more voices as it makes such a difference in the ATC experience, and the Cereproc voices are just fine.
  2. FWIW I am experiencing exactly the same symptoms with the CereProc voices: X-Plane 10.51 Windows, P2A Best, Mike
  3. I bought P2ATC on Friday, and was running it fine over the weekend (Windows 10 64-bit, X-Plane 10.51 Steam, along with XPUIPC) with the default Microsoft voices and a variety of aircraft. Things were going so well, I decided to buy some voices from CereProc. I installed these and selected them in the Config>Voices page, and when tested they worked fine. I didn't get time to try a complete flight with the new voices, and then sometime over the weekend Windows installed an update and my computer restarted. Now P2ATC will not even start. It appears to go through the 10%, 20%,....90% loading, and then the window closes, briefly reopens, and then closes. I still see the icon in the taskbar, and when hovering over it I see part of the P2A screen, but clicking on it will not open the full window. I have tried uninstalling all of the CereProc voices, uninstalling and reinstalling P2ATC but it still won't load. Unless I'm mistaken it doesn't get far enough to write a log file (or I don't know where the log file is?) so this is all the information I can provide. Would appreciate any help. Mike Hummel edit: The version should be