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  1. First of all, let me thank you for a wonderful app that has been a game changer for me, I have both the remote CDU and Overhead Panel for the PMDG 737 NG. 700 and 600. This is not intended as a criticism but only an observation as a user. I was testing both the CDU and Overhead panel with the 600 aircraft. Going through my preparations I came to the lights test on the Main Panel and noted that when I switched the Test Switch to BRT position the remote CDU screen went black, ( CDU in cockpit remained on with EXEC light illuminated, as it is supposed to do ) Remote CDU had no EXEC light illuminated. Releasing the switch everything returns to normal. So not a big deal , but inaccurate behaviour. The other thing I noted was it was impossible to move the Circuit Breakers and Panel Light knobs on the Overhead panel. You could move them either way but they would jump back to the centre position and didn't affect the switches on the Overhead panel. Moving the switches on the Overhead itself wouldn't affect the switches on the Remote Overhead. They don't talk to one another. Everything else works both ways. So my question is , is this a bug or a limitation in the programming ?
  2. OK thanks for the encouragement, Bryan. I think I will try it as my flights seem very quiet apart from the LVL D FO during TO and Landing. Having a more active FO seems like a great idea with voice control. It is an old product, admittedly, but it still seems to satisfy my illusion of being there. I keep coming back to it, after all the eye candy of the more up to date aircraft have worn off. I'll report back with my experiences in case other users have the same question.
  3. Hi there, I am a very keen Level D 767 user. It still remains one of the best versions of this superb plane. My question is will this voice commander edition install into my Win 10 ( latest version ) 64 bit OS and the Steam edition of FSX ? My Level D is installed into the Steam version and is the 1.50 winglet version. It runs fine on Steam.
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