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  1. 12bPilot

    New SODE update 1.6.2 (eliminating stutter)

    I think the thread title is a bit misleading here: Of course SODE only is able to reduce stutters that were induced by SODE itself -> injection of non-existing models into the sim. This has been fixed. General stutters such as when panning around the view are not related to SODE (and I can't imagine why it could have an influence on this, it runs pretty much idle when you do not interact with SODE). Just by reading here and at P3D's forums, lots of people experience more stutters with the introduction of P3D 4.2 when turning, panning around. So I think it is more of a general sim issue.
  2. 12bPilot

    New SODE update 1.6.2 (eliminating stutter)

    Hehe, thanks for the offer Pete. I'm a real life airline pilot flying A330s and A340s out of Switzerland, so I have plenty of those ;-)
  3. 12bPilot

    New SODE update 1.6.2 (eliminating stutter)

    Hi Pete, Not necessary, unless you have a very ancient version (pre V1.3.1) currently installed, where this wasn't supported.
  4. 12bPilot

    New SODE update 1.6.2 (eliminating stutter)

    Hi all, Let me shed some light on this topic here. First of all, only jetways are affected. The jetways will be displayed, but you won't be able to trigger them. Other SODE controlled objects work as before. Also, it doesn't matter if the placements are defined in a SDX or XML file. The problem here is that DD implemented the jetway placements incorrectly. Since the introduction of SODE jetways, developers are required to "hook up" the SODE jetway to the underlying AFCAD/ADE parking position. As you may know, those parking positions are strictly defined in the FS SDK, such as GATE_A, PARKING, etc. Not trying to blame DD here, but instead of using those official designators, they somehow introduced own designators like "GATE C123-130" and such. Also, the parking number is a pure integer number as per FS SDK, while they sometimes used "12A" or similar. While the old SODE would not check the gate name/parking number for "SDK correctness", this new SODE does, because it must rely on them from now on. Also, GSX for instance expects correct gate name/parking position combinations. Otherwise it won't be able to select/find the jetway. So it is of interest to have properly set up parking data in the SDX/XML file. Most sceneries using SODE jetways out there have correct parking data linked to them, so there is no issue at all. The SODE.log will indicate when a jetway has incorrect parking data. It's not a break in "compatibility", I'm just enforcing the FS/P3D SDK standards now. The fix here is to provide parking data as per FS SDK. Best regards, Jeffrey - SODE developer
  5. 12bPilot

    SODE is making me feel stupid P3D V4

    Without that file, you won't see any jetways and SODE will not know about the existance of those. Uninstall or re-install of SODE does not modify anything in this folder, so I can't explain why the file disappeared. I'd recommend to re-install the entire KMSP scenery. I think it's the new Flightbeam Manager that puts that xml file into that folder when you select the "SODE jetways" option.
  6. 12bPilot

    SODE is making me feel stupid P3D V4

    Is there a 'Flightbeam_KMSP.xml' file in C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml?
  7. 12bPilot

    Sode crashing p3d

    Hey Pete, In this case, SODE can not be the cause. SODE can only take down the simulator via the DLL module SimObjectAnimationModule.dll. But that is only active when you use SODE jetways, and is otherwise idle during loading of the sim. The message you initially saw was due to the fact that your sim crashed due to another module and SODE did not get notified about that by the sim, and hence SODE kept running thinking that the sim was still alive. When you restarted the sim, it tried to launch another SODE process but SODE didn't allow it because there was that "zombie" SODE instance still running from the previous (crashed) session. That's what the message is there for, to avoid multiple SODE processes running after a sim crash, which can be caused by whatever module. Now that you have disabled SODE and even the PMDG777, then there is no doubt that some other module is causing your crashes. That's all I can offer you as help... Lesson learned for me is that I need to come up with a mechanism that detects a sim crash reliably so as to shutdown SODE as a consequence. Good luck for your further investigations. -Jeffrey
  8. 12bPilot

    Sode crashing p3d

    Thanks. There's an error code when trying to register SODE through Prepar3D.exe. Ok, if you unregister SODE so that the registration status turns red and then reboot your pc and launch P3Dv3, will it still crash? Is there a SimObjectDisplayEngine.exe in the task manager (shouldn't be if unregistered)?
  9. 12bPilot

    Sode crashing p3d

    Hi, Can you launch SODEPlatformManager.exe and try unregister/register SODE again for P3Dv3? After doing so, could you navigate to C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\log and post the files SODE.log, PLTMGR.log and PLTMGR_DETECTION.log? I suspect there are double entries in the dll.xml/exe.xml files. Thanks.