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  1. Thanks so much for the warm welcome !! I really appreciate your response.
  2. I'm using a keyboard and FSX is the Sim platform. Currently after several flights (triages) with the newly purchased QWB787, I have got a way around though. I'm using a larger stab/trim of around 7 to get the 90% loaded airplane to get off from RW at decent attitude and at around 170KTs. This is just making me fly and enjoy the fantastic plane. But, the question remains why should I not be able to move any of the control surfaces, be it ailerons or stabilizer(Elevators). Hope, I could get some expert advice/suggestions. Thanks so much !! 😊
  3. Dear All, I'm a recent user of QualityWings B787. I find everything fine as it should be with this aircraft. However, I'm facing an issue of moving control surfaces like Aileron and Elevator. I use NUM8 and NUM2 for Elevator (in FSX) and NUM4 and NUM6 for ailerons. But whenever I'm pressing these it seems jammed. Also a test of Control surfaces does not move elevator up and down. Picture attached. https://ibb.co/g9JnZNy Could someone please help me here. Thanks!
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