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  1. Hi Avisimmers, Is it possible to land Dino Cattaneo's A-4 Skyhawk on a carrier? After many hours of "practice" I still can't seem to achieve this. Every time straight after I connect with the arrestor wires and the plane comes to a stop, it does a barrel roll through the deck and falls through. I'd doubt it is my flying - I can easily land Dino's TA-4 on a carrier no worries. The same with the Virtavia A-4. But not Dino's. Is it not possible, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your ideas/input?
  2. Problem solved! Sensitivity Sliders were not at 100%
  3. I've been away on business for the last ten days and have come home to find my dedicated FSX computer has gone somewhat rouge on me. The main issue seems to be that it has lost all the settings for my Keyboard, Saitek Yoke, Saitek Throttle Quadrant and Saitek Rudder pedals. This I have been able to restore easily enough by going into the controller settings in FSX and re-assigning them all. However I am left with a problem with my throttles (assigned to the Saitek Throttle Quadrant). When the levers on the quad are in the Idle position, the throttles in FSX are still at 10% power. When the levers on the quad are in the full position, FSX is only giving me about 80% power. I've tried wriggleing the the levers around, moving the throttles in FSX with the mouse, going into Settings and re-calibrating my Throttle Quad, rebooting - all to no avail. If anybody has any ideas I'm well open to suggestions please.
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