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  1. i take it there is not really one out there.
  2. Can anyone send me a link that has a american airlines 767 wl for fsx. I have seen a few and try it and they were crap on one the light were really messed up other ones flaps dont work and on others no beacon lights or nav lights that worked. so if some one knows where to get a good 767 for american in new colors a appricate it very much plus it has to be free ware im not paying for a 767. Thank you.
  3. yes i also found out if you are in vc mode you can go to the top panel and next to landing lights there is a switch that says runway lights that turns it off also just found that out lol but ty
  4. For those of you who had the same problem i did where you are flying and can't get the wing light to turn off. well glad to say i know why i couldn't if you have a vc cockpit then go to the upper panel on the top look in the lower left hand corner next to the landing lights you will see a switch that says runway lights well thats your wing light on off switch. Hope it helps you happy flying.
  5. I have a 737-800 the problem is the wing inspection light stays on during flight only way to turn it off is turn off all lights in flight or leave it on during flight. i know some of the airbus panels have the wing switch in the panel to turn it on and off. is there a free one for a 737-800? I tryied to put a a320 panel with a 737-800 and worked fine with the switch put the flaps didnt work with that panel. so if there is a panel that is free that has the wing light switch built in please post the link so i can go back flying it. Thank you so much.
  6. Thank you Mcarter but i did try those on here and they miss parts at lease the free ones i dont have any payware one i dont believe in it.
  7. Can someone please tell me where i can get a good 737-800 american new color for fsx i tryied 3 of them out there and each one is missing parts no matter if it was a wing ,windshield,tires ect any one know where i can get one fully intacked without paying? Thanks send a link to if you can.
  8. sorry about that miss read it it is PROJECT OPENSKY BOEING 747-400 Passenger V4
  9. this is the new american airlines 747 400 i just dowladed
  10. it does stay at level flight and yes the nose does pitch up about 10 degrees i tryied the trim and it will lower then it rides right back up again
  11. on my trip they do sit a little low so i guess in order to sit level in flight the trim has to be level ?
  12. ok is this normal usally i fly the 737 and the 757 but i have a 747-400 at 300 for speed and at 15 thousand feet she dont sit level at all does tilts up some but when i put flaps down to 1 then she levels off so does this mean i have to fly with flaps down to position 1 while i am at the speed the whole rest of the flight or no? is there a setting off or something.
  13. doesnt spray when you fly it only when you look from the tower
  14. do you have a link to it i will take a look
  15. lol i see it from the tower on a replay
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