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  1. Hi all, thanks for your help so far. I tried several things and it has to do anything with PMDG 777. This is the only aircraft where this is appearing. BR Florian
  2. Unfortunately I already deactivated all messages from Active Sky but without any impact on the green messages. BR Florian
  3. Hi everybody, since several flights I have an odd issue with my P3d 4.5. I have been getting messages at the top of my screen "Activesky is in control" with the according wind directions and wind speeds. I didnt chance anything in my setup and tried several settings in Active Sky (all messages are deactived) and also within P3D (all messages deactivated etc.). You can see the message line on the screen below. Could anyone tell what triggers this message and how to deactive it? If I will close the message line it will immediately pop up again. I dont want to have any message lines in my sim and they really distract me... Thank you for your help and BR Florian
  4. I tried now several things with limited / unlimited frames and EA activated and deactived. At the beginning everythins seems fine but over the time (latest after startup of engines) the stutters are there all the time. The only thing that resolved my stutters was setting a higher cpu priority. My cpu is at 100% all the time and I think this is the reason for the stutters. Anything else I can try? P3DV5 seemed very promising but maybe I will go pack to stable P3DV4 and skip later to MSFS2020.. BR Florian
  5. The flickering occurs with AS and ASCA. But you are right with EA i dont have the flickering but an increased VRAM (which is limited by my 6 GB graphic card). Will give EA a try with several flights and will see if there will be a VRAM issue or stuttering. 60Hz 1920*1080 LG 42 inches Screen
  6. Hi, yesterday I played around with the locked frames and it "feels" better as with unlimited frames. ut still several stutters compared to P3Dv4. I have to try a full flight now with it and will report what did happen. What is still bothering is the cloud flickering in the distance. I read several posts about this and it seems to e be a general issue with P3dV5HF2 at the moment. Maybe someone have a fix for it? Regards Florian
  7. Hi all, with full enthusiasm I jumped from P3dV4 to P3DV5 last weekend and was very happy to see my frames doubling up from 15 to 30 fps. So far so good, unfortunately I noted directly after a vanilla installation that there were kind of stutters and cloud flickerings. I did install all addons, which i previously used in P3V4 (ORBX, Flsabs, Airport Sceneries) to go for a first test flight and it is almost unflyable despite the good fps. My settings are more less medium (no EA, texture max 1024, Radius settings all medium etc). as my hardware is not the best (see below) and my VRAM is just about 3 GB of 5,5GB available. I already tested several things (settings in P3d, affinity mask entries, dectivating Antivir) and the only thing that resolved the issue was to set a higher CPU priority to the P3d.exe. Then the stuttering is 90% gone and the flickering is 100% history. The big downside doing that, is that I cant use any other application on my computer besided P3D because of heavy laging as P3d uses all resources in matters of CPI. I checked my CPU utilization and it was almost all the time at 100%. Is there anything I can do to resolve this or does anybody had the same issues? Here is my system: I5-7600k (no OC) 3,8Ghz GTX 1060 6GB RAM 16RAM Win 10 2004 My settings: https://ibb.co/M69bZr2 https://ibb.co/LrMhtFn https://ibb.co/wNQsqCB Thanks and Regards Florian
  8. Hi all, since several days I have a major performance issue with chaseplane, which suddenly appeared (no changes to P3D and chaseplane was running perfectly for months). While panning or moving around my views I have been getting large numbers of stutters and sometimes there is even no reaction to pan / move inputs for several seconds. It took me some time to follow this back to chaseplane itself. I already tried a lot of thinks (CPU priority / game mode WIN10 on /off etc./ delete all default view controls in P3D / reinstall chaseplane) and the only thing that helped was to deinstall Chaseplane and the problem was resolved (pan and move with default controls). My P3D is running smoothly with >20fps and there is no effect on the controls of the aircraft etc (stutters). Below you can finde my report from chaseplane. I would appreciate any help from you as chaseplane is getting unusable for me 😕 Kind regards Florian
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