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  1. Alex, that was 2 years a go, But I download the versie 2.4.5 and I have the same problem. Little navmap see only X-plane and not P3d v4.5. Ton
  2. Byork, Thank you for the link it was helpfull. After several times the program Raaspro work. But I see now what it do, and now I'm thinking I wonder if all the effort was worth it. I did without it for years and I think I will keep doing it. But you can't help it, thanks for your help. Greetings Ton
  3. Hi, After install the PMDG B777 base packed with Raaspro and I start the FSX SE I get the follow message. "Flight Simulator has detected a problem with a third -party software program Name : Raas Professional Version: Company: FS2Crew File : .\Raaspro\RaasPro.dll Do you want to run the software? (no recommanded)" If I say yes FSX go on and a ten second later I get the error "0x88890008" and FSX close. I have install the base packed three times, remove every time al of the PMDG B777 and the dir RaasPro and every time the same problem. I think the problem is Raaspro, I visited the site of FS2Crew and download a other Raaspro for the B777-200 but the same problem. Please help me if you can. Greeting Ton
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