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  1. May I point out that ZS-MUL, "Empress Of Suva", is actually a passenger model in the real world? While I do enjoy the simplistic livery in a freighter variant, she has many more windows than what is represented in the PMDG version. In case you're interested, there's a spectacular video of her on the web making her final landing near Pretoria in 2010. http://www.dc-6.co.za/45329 ferry flight.htm I hope it isn't an issue to post a link here. If so, I will remove it. Thank you!
  2. I can't begin to describe exactly what creates the issue. Perhaps the way P3Ds weather changes occur? The propellers occasionally start to fluctuate RPM erratically. #1 and # 3 might stay synced while #2 and #4 begin to bounce around. Its not always the same engines. I abort AFE and try to manually regain control of them with no luck. I hit the Resync button like its going out of style. This doesn't happen every flight, but I cant seem to pinpoint the cause. Any help? On a side note, to PMDG, the Northern Air Cargo and Red Bull liveries main gear wheels are showing black textures. Am I the only one? There may be more, I just haven't had time to go through the liveries.
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