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  1. Thanks Ed, This solved a problem I was having the screen go black in the Beech 350 when I brought up the Instrument panel window. I changed the radio_stack window to gps window and added the 225, now it appears in both main and instrument windows. Where do I find the number for windows? Love these units. When will you have a 650/750? Use FlightOne units but they are really slow and take a lot of processor time.
  2. Thanks Ed, Don't know how I missed this, but really appreciate the quick help, was right there in front of me but I missed it. I also saw a post about FSUSP, I think I will add those line to it even though I haven't had any problems. Have a great Christmas Holiday. Brian
  3. Hi, I have the G1000 in the Barron 58 and it's working great. I saved a flight plan but can't seem to find how you load a saved plan. Would like to save several and be able to load them later. Brian
  4. Hi Ed, I also am still having loading hypergauge.ll. Same message as others. Followed your direction in the registry to the entry of layers, could not find any entry there. Am I missing something to see entries at the layers folder. Brian Vogel
  5. Hi again, I sent files to support but haven't heard back. <email removed> Brian
  6. Hi, I had fs9 running great on win 10. Then upgraded computers and now get error when opening of : need admin permission. Tried runing as admin. no luck. Did compatibility trouble shooter, still no luck. Anyone have any idea why this is doing this. Thanks Brian
  7. Running Windows 10 32bit. FSX and FS9.
  8. Thanks, I'll do that. I'm glad to hear that it's just a problem and not a deficiency. Is there a turbine gauge for single engine like the Caravan? Also I am still having trouble getting the Hypergauge to load. Have tried the suggestions in the forum but still no success. Brian vogel
  9. I just bought and installed it 2 weeks ago. Running on FSX and FS9. Same problem both places and in the Caravan no turbine engine gauges. MS g1000 has dual engine gauges in baron. If posible would like dual turbine gauges for the Beech 350. Brian Vogel
  10. In the Barron 58 the engine gauges are still for a single eng. aircraft. Is this a configuration problem. The MS G1000 has multi eng gauges. Also are there turbine engine gauges for twin jet or Caravan.
  11. Thank you, the aerosoft information seems like the solution, many have had this happen with Windows 10 update causing the problem. Thanks again/
  12. Hi, I have lost the numeric fonts on all my radios in fs9 and in fsx. Anyone have an Idea of how to restore them. I'm running in Windows 10. Radios work but numeric fonts don t appear. I know how to update system fonts but not which one is missing or corrupted. Thanks Brian
  13. Thanks for the response. The radios are working (tool tips can be seen to know what is set and voices heard, but the number do not appear in either fsx or fs9, which makes me think that the font is lost or corrupted. I know how to update fonts but don.t know which one is used for the msfs radios numbers.
  14. Hi, I have lost the numeric fonts on all my radios in fs9 and in fsx. Anyone have an Idea of how to restore them. I'm running in Windows 10. Thanks Brian
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