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  1. I checked the thread out.... Would be nice to hear something from PMDG regarding the nature of this issue. I hear P3DV4.1 is coming soon, I wonder if there is some collaboration between PMDG and Lockheed Martin taking place to resolve these issues. Dan Marovitch
  2. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/83494-pmdgs-new-b747-400-and-fsuipc5/?page=3 If you look at the last post in this thread, Pete Dowson (the creator of FSUIPC) says it is not a problem with FSUIPC. " PMDG are aware of this problem with the 747 and are working to fix it. You need to keep an eye on the PMDG forum. It is not an FSUIPC matter, PMDG have assured me of this. Pete " I bought the 747 QOTSII right when it came out - for FSX. I got rid of FSX and got P3Dv4 since then. I'm not really excited about having to spend that much money again (well, even more than the FSX license actually) I support 3 people and basically live paycheck to paycheck. Anyway that's not my point with this post however, my point is that I definitely won't be purchasing the P3D license for the QOTSII until this problem is fixed. I don't understand why it is taking months to figure it out. (yes, I see it's in the sticky about current issues with the 747) So I wait. Is there any new information about the progress on fixing this? Thanks in advance to anyone that can share some new information. I gotta say I am really anxious to get back to flying this thing but as I said, there's no point in me buying it (again....) till the problem is resolved. Dan Marovitch
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