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  1. FS2Crew version 1.1, PMDG latest. Engine 1 A and Electric 1 B are shutoff.
  2. Hello! After update NGXu for latest version ...0046, Main panel FS2Crew black again! PC without anti virus prog. After each update I will need to reinstall the model and fs2crew????
  3. Hello, i updated FS2Crew from v.1 to v.1.1, after it main panel fs2crew not open in sim. Reinstall v.1.0, too not open. FS2Crew for 747 working fine! If i open via INSTRUMENT PANEL, mail panel is black! Prepar3D v.4.5 latest version
  4. hmmm, thx Really looking forward to version 1.2!))) I think there will be new features)
  5. Hello! I have a problem with the 777. I start flying, everything is going well at first, preflight checklist done, I hear the voice of the co-pilot, flight attendant, do departure briefing. But at some point, the co-pilot's voice can be lost, even though my voice commands it executes. Now before taxiing on the runway sound disappeared. What do I need to do?
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