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  1. Hello everybody, I would be very happy if you could help me. I am planning a tour in Japan. I would like to fly to a lot of destinations (over 100). I have entered all destinations in Littenavmap (LNM) and plan to plan the tour with LNM. I would like to fly the tour according to visual flight rules or use radio navigation. I also plan to use a different airfield for each leg. (So do not fly to an airport twice). Does anyone know a source for a list of all the airfields in Japan? (Skyvector only shows about 130 airfields). I am also interested in a good source for charts. So especially for VFR. For Germany (where I come from) I bought real tickets from the previous year. Unfortunately, I don't get very far with Google - maybe because the algorithm doesn't believe that I'm actually looking for what I'm looking for. 😉 I would be very grateful for some helpful internet sources! greetings Christian
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