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  1. pmdgticket response

    Hello Ephedrin, thanks a lot for your answer. I found out my mistake. I'll try it by using their support system. Regards Hermann
  2. pmdgticket response

    Hello everybody, having had big problems with my computer during the last year ansd so I had to install my OS (Win10 Creator Fall 64 bit, version 1709, build 16299.192) in December last year once again. As I had to format also my booting SSD and the SSD with Prepar3D v.4.1 I also deactivated my license of PMDG B737-800-900 and PMDG B777-200LRF in the FMC of each aircraft. Trying to install both software again I get the failure message: The activation of the fulfillment is dnied by the activation pollicy for activation ID.....-....-....-....-4715 because Maximum extra activations exceeded [Incident # ....-......] The same happens when I install the PMDG B737-800-900 aircraft software. I sent several emails to PMDG Technical support, but until now I didn't get any answer of them. How can I get in touch with the support to get my software licenses reactivated? I hope I put my posting at the correct place here in forum Thanks alot in advance! Best regards from germany Hermann Frey
  3. Hello, does no one of the experts here has any idea how to get in connection with PMDG? Best reagards Hermann
  4. Hi Nuno, you expressed my problem much better then me. I hope some of the PMDG admin/moderator will read my posting. Regards, Hermann
  5. Hi Nuno, you expressed my problem much then me. I hope aome of the PMDG admin/moderator will read my posting. Regards, Hermann
  6. Hello everybody, since more then three days I have the problem to send an e-mail to PMDG support. I need to get an activation reset for my B737 NGX license after reaching maximum extra activations exceed. The problem is that I cannot reach the support website of PMDG. I lost my password of the PMDG forum, fulfilled the contact request formular for a new password several times and got always the information that there was ent a new password to my e-mail account but nothing happened and I didn't get anything So please, does anyoneone knows how can I send a message to PMDG to get a reset of my activation license account ? Best regards and many thanks a lot in advance Hermann