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  1. Hi Guys, I have an oak table for my desk, so i was concerned about how mounting was going to work out with the Alpha Yoke. The clamps aren't working since the table has a vertical piece of wood only a couple of inches past the edge. I tried the nano-suction pad and it works GREAT. I cleaned the table, placed the mounting plate on the table and removed it. There is no residue on the table at all, and the pad is unaffected. I've placed it and removed it a couple of times and it's fine. One tip - there are two tabs that flip up on the top edge of the mounting plate. Flip those up to provide pressure to get the pad to release. I think it's best to not rush removing the mounting plate from the table. I flipped the tabs up and let it sit for a few seconds and i was easily able to remove the the plate by slowly pulling up with my fingers. Thanks! Don.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm assuming you're on desktop PCs since you have no mic. You can get one for under $10 on amazon, and probably locally, too. Again, as Dave says, you need the mic for ATC to work, but you don't have to actually talk, you can use the SayIt feature instead. P2ATC is definitely worth the money and effort! I haven't tested every feature, but I have A2A's C172 and Comanche 250 and I haven't noticed any issues. Again, I haven't done rigorous testing, and i've flow the 172 much more than the Comanche. Maybe after I get better at flying I can do more testing. Thanks, Don.
  3. Hi Dave, Wow! I'm so sorry to hear your news. I hope things went well and you're able to recover quickly! Be well! Don.
  4. It's on the way. Thanks, Dave. Don.
  5. I installed the latest version of P2A ( and getting the sqlservr.exe cannot start error. Any ideas? I'm on Win10. Don.
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